New Auction/Trading Site

I wanted to promote a new site a friend of mine is starting. It’s called “binswap” and it’s a little like a cross between eBay and a swap meet. You create a list of items you have (and want to sell/trade) an you create a list of items you want (to buy/trade). You’re matched up when ever someone is looking for something you have or someone lists an item your looking for. Seems pretty straightforward. It also seems like an excellent way to trade in those old video games you have lieing around gathering dust. It’s better than trading them in at the local used video game store, getting a pittance in return.

I’m linking to the site with my “referral tag” here (so I can win that iPod!) but you can click here, unfettered by my referral info. Your choice.

Just give it a looksie. I think it’s a great idea and I hope my friend is sucessful with his new endeavor.

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