Getting things done, video game style

I was reading the always excellent Dubious Quality and Bill linked to a blogger talking about his “shrinkwrap shrine.” I’m sure a lot of us have a similar shrine — a backlog of games we never get around to either playing or finishing. I mentioned something similar to this a while ago but I really enjoyed Doug’s piece. I’ve found that the increase in disposable income has definitely increased my ability (and propensity) to accumulate games. I’ve got a long “queue” of games waiting to be played, only to be pushed further down the line as new games enter in. It’s a neverending battle.

The reason I singled out this piece was I liked his way of dealing with a short attention span. He doesn’t start a new game until he finishes the one in already in the console. I thought it was a pretty smart “GTD” way of playing games. Of course, if a game is blowing royal chunks, there’s no point in continuing. But if you’re in the middle of a decent game, trying to finish it before you pick up the latest release might not be a bad idea. Still, that takes some serious self-control.

Especially when the last few months are jam-packed with great games. Why won’t anyone release a good game during the summer?!

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