Mario Kart, in bed.

Remember how you thought it was funny to read your fortune from a fortune cookie and then add “in bed” at the end? “Share your happiness with others today … in bed!”

Yeah, that was funny. Anyway, I can’t tell you how fricking cool it is to play Mario Kart DS, online … in bed.

I’m an insomniac to begin with, so I’ve always played a little Game Boy Advance in bed before I turned in for the night. Now I usually play a little DS before I turn in. Before Mario Kart it was Metroid Prime Pinball. Pinball was perfect for a quick game before lights out. Now I’m playing Mario Kart, online, while I’m lying in bed. It is awesome.

In bed.



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  2. The other night I could not sleep so I had sex with the wife… bed. (But only because I don’t have a DS to play with.)

  3. Cool, Mike. Added you to the list.

    Bob – too much information, man. Too much information.

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