Buckeye Blogging, Week #12 (9-2)

“Drive, drive on down the field, Men of the Scarlet and Gray!”

That’s exactly what Troy Smith and the Buckeyes did twice in the space of 6 minutes to overcome a 21-12 deficit. While Michigan played pretty good football for the first 54 minutes they didn’t step up when it mattered most. The Buckeyes defense was put in a number of sticky situations but held strong. That D is STOUT. It looked for a while like the Buckeyes were going to give another game away (see: Penn State) but Troy Smith rallied the troops. He’s easily the Buckeyes offensive MVP. And Mr. Clutch? He looks like this:

That’s clutch. Gonzales plays in the shadows of Ginn and Holmes all season but he comes through when he’s called on. He scored the first touchdown against Michigan last year and he broke their back again this year. Smith + Gonzales = Wolverine Killers.

It was a shame to see Bobby Carpenter go down in the first quarter to injury. He has been such a huge part of the D. Schlegel played his best game of the year and the Buckeyes shut down the over-rated Hart once again. What a game. Say hello to the 2005 Big Ten Champs.

So now we play the waiting game. I fully believe OSU will be going to a BCS game. I’d love to play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, as most people are predicting. Bring ’em on and watch ’em fall. I can’t wait.


  1. Bring ’em on. Them’s fightin’ (Irish) words!


    It’s like the gods have been planning this bowl game all along.

    BTW, I’ll still read the site when OSU loses. 😉

    …it’ll be a good game.

  2. The teams that notre dame beat this year have a combined record of 32-64. You guys cant beat anyone good. And you lost to Michigan State. How embarrasing for you. Go Bucks. 2 and 0 againt Notre Dame in the series.

  3. I don’t want to get in a flame war, but who almost beat the #1 team in the nation? (Damn that 3 seconds.) Who started Michigan on their downward spiral by a touchdown. Who barely lost to Michigan State in OT?

    OSU had chances with Texas and Penn State. The losses are too similar. Too bad they blew it just like ND. They are the two best teams in college football with two losses. ND has no excuse with Michigan State. Just as OSU had no excuse for Saturday’s game. They should have blown Michigan out of the water.

    If ND doesn’t screw up Stanford, it should be a good bowl game. If OSU blows out ND, I’ll eat my words. 😀

    Of course, BCS may overlook ND just because of being independent.

  4. Just wanted to say ‘Thank you ButtonMasher’ for the great picture of Gonzo making that jaw-dropping catch. It now lives as wallpaper on my desktop. GO BUCKS!

  5. USC is the most overrated team in the history of college football. They cant stop anyones offense and if it wasnt for regie bush they wouldnt be able to outscore everyone like they do. None to worry though because of Notre Dames financial contributions to NCAA President Myles Brand if they have 9 wns and are in the top 12 in the bcs rankings you get an automatic bid. But I will say this dont be surprised if you lose to Stanford this weekend and thier new Football coach (former OHIO STATE offensive coach) Walt Harris. He always manages to screw some team out of a bcs bid. On the other hand if you do win it will just be another win against a sub .500 school and I am sure the BCS will let you play South Florida in the Sugar bowl so you can get one more win against a nobody school. Best of luck either way.

  6. Most overrated team? RRRRrrright. I know you’re just trying to outflame agentgray but you’ll failing miserably, Jeremiah. USC has only won, what, 34 games in a row? This is the fiftieth game they’ve scored over 20 points. USC is anything but overrated. This is the best offense college football will ever see (until the 2006 Buckeyes, of course)

    But of course Notre Dame still has to answer to the MSU loss. That is unacceptable.

    And the agreement with the BCS and ND is unfair, too, but you can’t snub a traditional powerhouse and not have 5,793,027,474 Catholics made about it.

    Glad you liked the photo, Bryan. I’ll some links to others as I come across them.

    Go Bucks, indeed!

  7. Tony,
    I think there are only 5,793,027,473 Catholics. Somehow or another you must have counted one twice.

    Go Bucks!

  8. Teams USC has played this year against a defense ranked in the top 50…….zero
    Times Matt Lienert won a game while cheating …….once
    Times they played in the Rose bowl with a double murderer…….Twice (O.J)
    Times announcers have lost thier job while making racist remarks at ND………once at least
    Times they fired a coach for lying on his resume…….once at least
    Times Jim Tressel gave envelopes of money to a player…….zero (according to the NCAA) wink wink
    Times we play Notre Dame or USC this year…….. probably zero
    Times I watched Rudy and cried………uncountable
    I have a feeling if Texas and USC play for the Natl Championship it wont be close
    Texas wins big
    Number of times Texas was held under 42 points this year……..once( guess who did it)
    I want to play South Florida in the sugar bowl so bad I am eating one cup of raw sugar each day until the matchups are made in hopes of persuading the BCS to pick us based on sugar consumption. Doesnt matter who we play in the BCS we get an 8 million dollar check whether we win or lose and I know we all know we need some extra cash to pay Santonios child support payments so he will stay in school one more year.

  9. @Jeremiah

    LOL. You’re last post is probably the best thing I’ve read in a while. The OJ comment was pretty funny.

    Man, that’s a lot of sugar.

  10. Bobster, you’re such a good Catholic I counted you twice.

    Jeremiah – funny! Although you crying after watching Rudy is no surprise. Didn’t you cry after “Bring it on”?

  11. Of course I did.

    P.S. I am forgoing my 4 years of eligibility in order to declare for the NFL draft.

    If half of Purdues team thinks they can leave early and get drafted than I will be drafted as well.

    P.P.S. I see Notre Dame has decided to toughen its schedule by adding ARMY. Way to guaruntee a 9 win season every year and a BCS bowl Bid.

    P.P.P.S. Congrats to BYU for making a bowl game this year.

    P.P.P.P.S. I cant wait to watch the POINSETTA BOWL

  12. After last night:

    I am ashamed.


  1. […] Funny thing is, the best part of the game was around the eleven minute mark of the 2nd half, the showed a little clip of the OSU/Michigan football game. They highlighted the Gonazales catch. You might remember that great catch, but in case you forgot, you can check it out here. I know it sounds sad that the best part of a OSU basketball is an OSU football highlight, but that’s how we roll in Columbus. We really, really like our basketball team, but we LOVE our football team. […]

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