Hello, America. I want to be your next President. Why should you vote for me? Look at all the things I’ve done for the children. Won’t you please think of the children?


  1. I feel safer already. I was so worried that my kid would get a violent game and start playing it for hours on end without me knowing anything about it. For a second there I was worried I would have to pay attention to her and what she was up too. Now I don’t have to worry.

    Thanks mommy!…I mean Hillary!


  1. […] I will probably need to add a new category for games and violence/politics at some point here on I don’t cover them as thoroughly as Game Politics and others but I still follow it closely. (I’m little bit of a poltical junkie but I try to avoid anything too political on these pages). Anyway, this is old in blog-time, but there’s a good response to Hillary Clinton’s propsed legislation I briefly mentioned here at Tech Central Station. […]

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