Buckeye Blogging, Bowl Selection Edition

Who’s next?!

That’s right, sports fans, I will invoke Bill Goldberg. That’s basically what the Buckeyes are saying right now. Three of the past four Fiesta Bowls have featured the Buckeyes. It’s become their personal wood shed, where they take the opposition out to put the wood to. In 2004, the Buckeyes dismantled the cowboys of Oklahoma State Wildcats of Kansas State. 2003’s Fiesta Bowl was the best football game I have ever witnessed, EVER. This year’s bowl looks like it will be shaping up for another classic.

First I wanted to say I still think the BCS is a sham. How an 8-4 team can play in one of the four BCS bowls (arguably the four “best” bowl games) when Oregon, Auburn, and countless other teams with better records, that have beat better teams, and could probably beat Florida State. That being said, I was impressed with FSU against Va. Tech. I’ve said all along that VT was overrated and I was glad FSU beat them convincingly. Hopefully now we can officially get of the Vick bandwagon (Mike is an average NFL QB, Marcus won’t fare any better).

It’s clear that Texas and USC are the two best teams in the country. That much we already know. I’m still mulling over who I think wins that game. Right now I’m going with Texas, but that may change. I will say that if Reggie Bush doesn’t win the Heisman then I will have lost all faith in humanity. As for the other bowls – the Georgia/West Virginia Sugar Bowl doesn’t interest me. Georgia will win big. FSU/Penn State is intriguing mostly because of the coaches. If you would have asked me who would win this game last week, I wouldn’t hestitate saying Penn State would. After watching Florida State last night, I’m not so sure. This is a toss up. Penn State’s defense is tough and that’s what I think will be the difference. Penn State by a field goal.

So we come to the Fiest Bowl. I may be biased, but outside of the Rose Bowl, this bowl has the best matchup. Two storied programs, two teams one (or two) plays away from greatness. Notre Dame and wunderkind Brady Quinn are in for a shock. I think Quinn, being from Columbus, will have a big target on his back. I don’t think many fans are bitter he went to Notre Dame but the players may feel different. He’ll be harassed all day long by Hawk and Schlegel. OSU’s defense will dominate. I don’t think Notre Dame’s defense will be able to stop OSU’s offense. Troy Smith will play big and I predict that Ted Ginn Jr. will break something big. Maybe a punt, maybe a long pass. I think they will be more than Notre Dame can handle. Write it down – OSU wins big.

Fear the spear.


  1. I am calling you out Agentgray. First of all, defend your teams selection into the BCS. Your opponets have a .453 winning percentage vs. Oregons having a .562 (OSU has a .593) You guys beat 3 teams with winning records this year BYU at 6-5, Navy at 6-5, and that team up north at 7-4. I just dont think Notre Dame earned thier spot. They were no closer to beating USC than Fresno St. who lost to Nevada and Louisiana Tech the last 2 weeks. I will add more in the coming weeks to prove my case as to why we will win this game 412-2 (mercy safety).

    P.S. Brady Quinn wasnt recruited by Ohio State or offered a scholarship. Due to the fact that they had the #1 rated QB prospect in the country in Justin Zwick and a little known QB/Safety out of Cleveland Glenville by the name of Troy Smith. Who was recruited just in case Justin got hurt or didnt pan out.

    P.P.S I hear they are looking into Charlie Wiess’ Resume. Under reports that he lied about graduating from High School.

  2. So you don’t like the BCS huh? Maybe we should get Congress involved? Never mind, they are on it.

    Congress can solve anything

  3. ND does have an uphill battle. I think that OSU has the edge over ND everywhere except for maybe in offense (not by much). But it’s so slight, the OSU defense will make up for it. The front line has got to protect Quinn

    I honestly think that OSU will win as well, but if ND wins it’ll make it all that much better. I look at this game as their “arrival” game. It’ll basically back up the whole season.

    As far as no closer to beating USC. Man, that three seconds will kill ya.

    It’ll either be a close game or a blowout by OSU.

  4. I just wanted to comment about the Fiesta Bowls that I’m sure you just overlooked – it was actually the Alamo Bowl where we stomped Oklahoma State. We defeated Kansas State at the Fiesta in a nailbiter the year before and then the big game that I’m sure we all have DVD’s of in ’03.

  5. Oh boy, bironm, you are absolutely correct. I don’t know how I let that one get past QC. It slipped past my editor (Bobster, where were you?) and my other Buckeye fan readers. Good catch, the error has been corrected.


  6. What are we talking about?


    j/k It was an awesome game.


  1. […] I picked Texas a month ago. I’ve been going back and forth with my brother-in-law about this game. He said USC by 14. I said no fricken way, Texas by 8. In the end, I took Texas and the points. Like I said, I love being right. […]

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