Gaming in the news

Luckily this bit of gaming in the news does not include references to: Jack Thompson, violence, academic studies, or the shortage of Xbox 360s. No, our story today comes from my local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch.

It’s a little article about an OSU gamer (you made need to register to view this) who made it to the final four in this year’s EA Sports NCAA Football Challenge at the ESPN Zone in New York.

Mark Stetson, an OSU freshman, made it to the final four of the championship before losing 35-38 to some nobody from Penn State (aren’t they all nobodies? I kid, I kid). Aside from being an OSU student, why am I bringing this up? Because Mark has made OSU proud. How?

Players could choose any college team; among the 16 finalists, only Stetson used his own school.

That’s how.

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