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Tonight is Spike TV‘s Video Game Awards. I had originally planned on live-blogging the show, like I did last year, so I could make light of how Spike TV single-handedly damages any respectability our hobby has managed to garner, but I can’t. I’m not really sad, though. I know I won’t miss much. With the glaring lights, bad music (remember the Motley Crue Reunion?) and pandering to the lowest common denominator, it would simply be more than my brain can handle.

So I won’t be live-blogging this year’s VGA because I’ve got a Christmas party to attend and my sanity to protect. Besides, they held the event weeks ago and the list of winners has been available on the internet for quite some time. Kyle Orland originally said he was going to live blog it, so you may want to check his blog later to see if he ends up doing so. You could also check Technorati to see if anyone else decided to submit themselves to torture.

I will give the voters their propers, though, for selecting Resident Evil 4 as the Game of the Year. Had that not happened, my faith in humanity would have been shaken to the core.

Update: Rick “32_Footsteps” has not let us down. For the third straight awards ceremony, he gives us a play by play. There’s a lot of choice quotes in Rick’s drubbing, but my personal favorite was

12:00 – Apparently, 50% of the viewers voted the Black Revenge from Burnout Revenge the Best Ride. At this point, I think I truly stopped even understanding how Spike even comes up with these categories. We might as well give Bo Jackson a lifetime achievement award for his incredible moves in Tecmo Bowl.

Kotaku and Joystiq mention their inclusion in “Best Blog” category and Slashdot rounds up the links. There was a tie? That doesn’t sound right to me. Sounds like someone doesn’t like Joystiq.

This made me laugh.


  1. Sorry… no liveblogging. I’ve gota holiday party to go to instead. Although, since the show itself isn’t even live, why should the coverage be.

    OH SNAP!

  2. Hah! Excellent point. Live-blogging a pre-recorded show is a little backward.

    But then again, so is inviting bloggers to your pre-recorded event and then figuring no one will post the results online.

  3. I watched only a part of the VGA show when it first debuted. It sucked and I don’t expect it to ever be taken seriously. Because, heaven for bid, they not half-ass it. I still remember when they announced the Game of the Year award first. Nobody does that except for the terrible VGAs.

  4. I’d point out that I didn’t actually say anything about the ‘best blog’ nom. I found the whole thing embarrasing, and I thought Brian said it adequately on Kotaku.

    I can assure you, whatever they decided to do on their end there was no collusion over here. I still have yet to get even an email informing me that we were nominated, let alone some sort of ‘you won’ letter.

    I would care more, except I think that they should never ever do it again. 😀

  5. Zonk – duly noted. I certainly didn’t mean to imply there was collusion. It seems like it was more like poor voter turn-out on Spike TV’s end.

    I think the idea of a video game awards is great, it’s just in the wrong hands. If they could do it right, I could definitely see a place for an award for the best website/blog/magazine. But they need to get the basics right before they do anything like that.


  1. […] For the past few years in the blogosphere, there have been various “Best of” awards, including The BoB Awards (The Best of Blogs Award) and The Weblog Awards but as I’ve surfed the various categories, I see that Gaming Blogs have been left out in the December cold. I know Spike TV had their “Best Gaming Blog” Category, along with its whopping 3 nominees, which ended in a tie, but come on. I’m not saying the blogs weren’t worthy of their nomination, but there’s more out there than just those three. While I don’t consider Slashdot a “blog” per-se, Kotaku and Joystiq are both commendable blogs. Those three sites are great, but I think there’s more than just those guys. […]

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