Surrounded by giants

In cyberspace, no one know’s you’re a dog.

In the blogosphere, everyone is a someone. Look at me! I’m a someone! I’m the buttonMasher! Alright, so some of us are less than others. I love that some of the blogs I read are written by some really talented people. Bill from The Blog for the Sportsgamer has a new book coming out, the Gamer’s Almanac. I’ll be picking up a copy of the Almanac, as should you! Of course, I’d never turn down to a copy to review (wink wink). Crecente at Kotaku is now the video games guy for the Rocky Mountain News. Peterb at Tea Leaves has joined the ranks of “professional reviewers.” (let’s not forget the “controversy” Peter’s entry into the inaugural Carnival started. Ahh, good times! I wonder how ol’ Matt is doing). Of course there’s more. These are just a few that have happened recently.

Just like they say in the PGA Tour commercial, “These guys are good.”


  1. Matt wandered by M0 to harass me at one point, but I haven’t heard from him since. I guess it was discouraging that I kept deleting his comments.

  2. Hey there. I can’t find your contact info from your blog or I’d contact you directly, but send me an email re: the Gamer’s Tome (Almanac) and I’ll see about hooking you up.

  3. Thomas – I checked over at CGO and I didn’t see Matt’s name. Maybe he’s gone?

    Todd – I sent you an email. Thanks for the offer.

  4. Yeah, and wouldn’t that be a shame?

  5. Matthew Gallant says

    I don’t write CGOnline any more. Kudos to you for suspecting as much when my name was no longer on the byline of new posts; that is a superb feat of inference. I wish I could make your day and tell you it was because I was mean to you guys or because the bosses were alerted by your sharp criticisms to the fact that I am secretly a very bad writer, but I can’t.

    I continue to write reviews for the magazine. The latest issue has Spartan: Total Warrior (“Because Thermopylae was low on Wheat Chex”), Radiata Stories (“Not the gritty urban action-adventure we’ve all been waiting for about a rapper’s struggle to heat his apartment during a merciless pipe-freezing winter”). and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (“shirtless zombies in plain brown capri pants…Shao Khan’s old navy of the damned”). Next issue (in a few days if not already out) is Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, and Trapt.

    I also am a judge for this year’s Independent Games Festival, and recently completed a plot treatment for a game’s backstory, under the commission of a major game studio.

    So, that is how ol’ Matt is doing.

    P.S. Brian Crecente was doing stuff for Rocky Mountain News way before he brought his charming clumsiness with English and his basic inability to even know what he’s writing about (no Brian, it’s not “Stream”, it’s Steam, and it’s really not enough like Xbox Live to be a useful comparison) to Kotaku.

  6. Charming as ever.

  7. Oh my God. I just read all those comments on the “controversy” link (I guess I wasn’t paying attention last summer!). What drama!

  8. Always nice to see a fellow CGM writer and a fellow DC blogger mixing it up…again. For me, Matt’s departure from the news of CGOnline was a bad idea – better snarky and amusing than bland press release stuff. But Matt, all those reviews are from December. We’re on the January issue now.

    Anyway, didn’t notice that other fellow CGM writer Bill Abner now has a book. Bill’s one of the guys whose opinions on sports games really matters to me. And now his book is going on my Xmas list – or my whenever it comes out list. I guess I should read his blog more often than I do…I’m such a bad person.

  9. Matt – good to see no hard feelings 😉 I know Crecente has been with the RMN but he just recently was given the video game position. He was a crime reporter before that.

    Brin – you missed the Carnival drama, eh? Yeah, like I said, it was good times.

    Troy – Yeah, you can hold a good blogger down. Thomas has a nack for mixing it up. I hadn’t read much of Bill’s stuff until I found his/their blog but he definitely knows his sports stuff. Being from Ohio and a Buckeye is another plus in my book.

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