Carnival #10

The Carnival of Gamers #10 is up at Kill Ten Rats.

You can digg this here.

Slashdot linked to the Carnival, highlighting Jeffool’s entry, which I also think was great. From the comments, it looks like this Carnival was a little more well received than the original. Which is good to hear, since Slashdot will be hosting the next Carnival.

Update: Just a quick update. The Unbeliever, blogging at the delightfully unsavoury (his words, not mine) MMODIG, has graciously volunteered to host the April edition of the Carnival. You can find all the Carnival information, as always, at the Carnival HQ.


  1. holy MMO!

  2. Um…one of the submitters posted the entire press release from anet concerning the Wintersday update in Guild Wars. That was kinda…weird.

  3. Erm. No. I didn’t post the _entire_ press release. I just quoted the poem, and summarised the features of Observer Mode. That was kind of a lead-in to the content of the post, which was simply detailed coverage of what was happening in Tyria — stuff that wasn’t covered in the press release.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. After checking over the post again and comparing yeah it was a summary. I dunno. Maybe some more commentary would have led me to not think that. Great blog, though. Added your feed to my list.

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