WordPress 2.0 on its way

Things may look wonky here for a bit, currently upgrading to WordPress 2.0 and messing with some plug-ins. Things should calm down in a bit.

I’d also be much obliged if you left a comment, once everything is working I’ll be deleting this post, but for now, it’d be a big help. Thanks!

Okay, it looks like everything but the Archives and the Tag Cloud seem to be working. I’m putting that on the back burner for now but I’m leaving this post up until tomorrow in case someone notices something amiss.

buttonmashing.com 2.0 -> new and improved!


  1. This is a test. Why don’t you test it out, too?

  2. This is a test of the intarweb that you have, Tony. I like your intarweb. Need more naked ppls please.

  3. Thanks agentgray. Everything seems to be working except the Live Archives. I don’t seem to be alone in this issue. So I’ll patiently wait for a fix.

    Sorry for the lack of nekkidness, though. I did post a picture of AJ Hawk’s girlfriend! Have you ever seen her?

  4. So what about some coupons or freebies? I’m thinking $43K worth of blog can buy an awful lot of buttonmashing.com t-shirts and keychains.

  5. As long as it’s nekid ppls plees.

    Oh yeah, my AC city is open my I like ur city cume to my city now gates i aded u to my city for the cod of the citi why its coool ok. ur website hot.

  6. Me testing. Why no naked pics? I feel cheated.

  7. Oh and for a constructive comment, the sidebar is messed up in IE for me (I am at work and they make me use IE). It appears waaay at the bottom, after all the other posts.

  8. Pls no nekid pix of A.J Hawk! eyzeburn! pls pst pix of that horsface grl. thts good ootmeel

    (I’d better stop this or Tony’s gonna get googled and real AOL kiddies will come out of the woodwork).

  9. Brin – I’ve seen the IE issue that you’ve seen. Updating IE to latest version usually fixes the problem, but it’s not a perfect fix. IE is usually ignored by most theme author’s. It’s a pain but I don’t have the knowledge (or time) to fix it. Thanks for the head’s up nonetheless.

    ag – I’m blaming you if I get hits from a ‘horsface grl’ search!

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