It’s quiet in here.

There’s been a lack of content around these parts the past few days but I’ve got a legitimate excuse. Here at, we like to talk about video games. I come at the topic from different angles – how the media portrays them, how they are used and abused by politicians, and how much fun and enjoyment we gamers derive from them. The last point means I’m actually playing games. Unfortunately, my gaming time has been squeezed out by Real Life Duties (RLD®) lately so I’m at a loss to discuss any recent gaming sessions.

I also blog about sports and blogging in general, but since OSU football has ended and nothing earth-shattering has happened in the Sphere-o-Blogging, I ain’t got much there, either.

Nevertheless, I do have some ideas floating around in the draft-ether. Some will materialize. I’ve been thinking about Nintendo and the games they make (they’re fun!), various “handles” or gaming nicknames I’ve used (and what they say about me), music and video games (but not what you think!), and others.

Stay tuned!


  1. What? Nothing’s happening?

    24 and BSG are back on. Pppbbbttt! I’m so gonna drive AC:WW traffic here to give you something to do. 😉

    …and don’t try the new Black Cherry Vanilla Coke.

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