Carnival goes Big-Top

The time has come to start thinking about the next Carnival of Gamers. This coming Carnival will be held under the proverbial Big-Top in February, at the venerable Slashdot Games. While I hope anyone interested in submitting something for the Carnival of Gamers would participate in any Carnival, having the Carnival at Slashdot is pretty unique. I’m not sure if Zonk will post to the front page of Slashdot or simply the Games page, but regardless, it will get in front of a lot of eyes and will be a chance for a lot of new people to read your stuff. Very exciting.

While he hasn’t said this directly, I’m assuming that Zonk will also have to do some moderating of the submissions (which hasn’t happened to this point) because it will be a reflection of Slashdot as well. That’s not to say he’ll reject anything, I just think he would want the submissions to be of a certain quality and content. I don’t think this has been a problem in the past, but with the exposure this Carnival will get, I’m sure he’ll have to cull some of the riff-raff. (I’ll have to get a definitive answer on this topic). Don’t let that prevent you from submitting something from your blog, though! I hope everyone who has participated in the Carnival in the past will continue to do so and hopefully we’ll get some more regulars to tag along!


  1. I thought that I wouldn’t have anything for next month’s carnival, however I just now drafted something. Seeing as how it’s going to be on Slashdot, like you, I expect there to be a higher-than-average number of submissions. So, if there is indeed a selection process, I hope that mine gets chosen.

  2. I, yes, I even thought about writing something up just because of the eyeballs. I have four items in my draft. However, my site is mostly about my personal life (when I update it. heh.) and I probably wouldn’t pass the selection process because of that.

    So, I’ll just enjoy the postings. Here’s to hoping the signal to noise is good.

  3. I really hope they place the entry bar extremely low. I realize the possibility of trollbait here, so I can understand some selection … but it just seems better to have a wide range of quality and submissions than a select group.

  4. I think anything you guys did would be chosen, hands down. I think Zonk will just filter the noise, like agentgray said. I wish I had left out a couple of the entries from the first Carnival I hosted but as the Carnival has progressed I think the signal to noise has gone down considerably. I don’t see anything of value being left out. Like I said in my post, I really hope anyone interested will participate.

  5. Well I changed my plan. Instead of posting to my own blog, I decided to post the entry I referred to in my comment (above) to I’ll have to see if I can come up with something else between now and the deadline. 😛


  1. […] Remember, the Carnival of Gamers for February will be held at Slashdot Games. As I said before, this is definitely a Carnival you don’t want to miss out on. Send an email to with your submission. […]

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