iPod envy

I’ve had my iPod mini for almost two years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s been a fantastic piece of gadgetry. I’ve followed, from a distance, the evolution of the other iPods. When the Nano and Shuffle were announced, I was still happy with my mini. I felt no hint of jealousy. Even the shiny, colorful iPod photo couldn’t do it for me. But today I had a chance to mess around (that sounds so adulterous) with my buddy’s video iPod. Wow! It might have been a childish infatuation, but now I can’t get it out of my head. Now I want one.

I’ve heard mini’s have held their value pretty well. Maybe it’s time to start a video iPod fund. Any buttonMashers out there have the latest iteration of the wonderful iPod? Was my initial impression so positive because of its beauty and not its abilities? My friend had an episode of Alias on and it looked fantastic. Is it all that? I love the mini interface and I love the simple design. Have they carried over the great design all the way through to this generation? I am certainly tempted right now.

I just need to make sure that money wouldn’t cut into the Revolution fund…


  1. I picked up a video iPod a few months ago. I love it. I just caught up on The Office and LOST over the past few days while killing time in-between classes. The interface is just as fantastic as any other iPod’s, seeing as it’s pretty much the same interface since the original iPod and every iPod (save the Shuffle) since.

  2. My friend Mosy has one and it’s pretty cool; I myself have a Nano and am feeling envious.

    I can’t wait to see what the next iPod will be.

  3. I bought a 3G ipod about two years ago as well. My brother stationed in Japan just picked up a 60GB video. He watches BSG on it. He’s considering bigotry, but his wife won’t allow it.

  4. Mike – that’s awesome to be able to catch shows you miss. I hate shuffling a schedule around so I don’t miss shows. My friend has his TiVo update to his media PC which then imports his shows into iTunes and then onto his iPod. That’s what I’d love to do!

    JV – that’s what I’m afraid of: what comes next? How quickly would the one I bought seem obsolete when the next iteration comes out?

    ag – I’m assuming you meant “bigamy” but I get your meaning. He loves it in a way humans shouldn’t love gadgets πŸ™‚

  5. No, he now hates her. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, it was late. I meant bigamy.

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