It’s a boy!

I’m so proud! This week has seen the birth of another blog-son of mine, the Conservative Buckeye. Run by long-time reader Jeremiah, the Conservative Buckeye is a mish-mash of TV culture, food and restaurant reviews, Ohio State football, and a little politics on the side. Stop on over and say hi!

Jeremiah is my second blog-child. My first, who I think I’ve mentioned before, is run by my buddy James, aka Rightank, at, another conservative blog with a judicial/political slant (he is a lawyer, afterall).

I know my readership is from all colors and stripes of the political spectrum so I don’t expect everyone to agree with my friends. While I keep my political leanings close to the vest here, I am firm in my beliefs. All I say is have an open mind.


  1. I do appreciate the shout out my blog-father. I do hope some of the regulars will take the time to visit my site and give thier honest opinion of my site. I need constructive criticism as I truly do plan on making this the best blog ever ( at least better than

  2. Sigh. Just another feed I get to add. 🙂

    Like I mentioned on your site, am I going to have to create a competitive blog?

  3. I think you should create a competitive blog…..I love competition…..almost too much right Tony

  4. Fouts:
    “The new site is called Conservative Buckeye. Conservative means to be conserved. Buckeyes are what male deer use to see hunters with. Hunting is not a college sport but I know all there is to know about it. Most hunters have beards, but not as good as mine.”

    “A competition between blogs is when two or more blogs are set up in such as way as to compete with each other. The competition takes place on the World Wide Web. I would want to see the spider that made that web. It would love me because my beard is so awesome.”

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