Comics and gaming

Video games seem to be a popular topic in comics lately. I’m not talking about webcomics like PvP and Penny-Arcade (a couple of my faves). I’m talking about the ones in the newspaper. Bill Amend, writer of Foxtrot, gets gamers. Whether he’s joking about World of Warquest or Nice City, he does a great job goofing on video gamers without be condescending or disrespecting the medium. He is a gamer, afterall. He gets it.

In today’s Dispatch, the one-panel “Six Chix” comic about video games, another writer comes close. Kathryn LeMieux clumsily tackles the issue of whether gaming is mature or not. While I would agree that most M-rated games are anything but mature, her depiction is less than flattering.

Maybe the truth hurts?


  1. It could be worse. At least she didn’t say:

    “I think it is rated ‘M’ for moronic.”

  2. I think that’s what she did say.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. I think she is implying that players are immature. I would rather be immature than moronic. I may outgrow immaturity but moron is for life.

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