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The EVE Online client. Deep down, I’m really hoping it’s a 21st century incarnation of TradeWars 2002, a game I loved to play on my local BBSes. Here’s to hoping!

Update: Why is picking a character name the hardest part of making a new character?

More:: Too tired to update much more. Finished the tutorial (LONG). Game looks amazing — there’s a lot to like, some things that I’m not too sure about, and traveling in this game is not exactly what I thought it would be. I fell asleep on the way home from my last mission. More later…


  1. Enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you on, since I’m still a newb myself!

  2. Yeah, once I get settled in I’ll be looking for some contacts, for sure.

  3. i miss tradewars 2002 SO much.

  4. I’m not an online gamer (my husband is a WOW addict though) but I know what you mean by having a hard time naming characters, I play Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing with my kids (don’t laugh, we have fun and I’m the only one who can actually catch bees). Sometimes I think I had an easier time naming my children. If I’m not feeling very creative when I have to come up with a character name I usually resort to using the name of a Discworld character.

    I did use DMOZ to find a name for my husband’s first WOW character (an undead mage, I think). I browsed the topics for diseases until I found Clostridia. If I knew then what I know now I would have suggested the name of an addictive drug rather than one of a pathogen.

  5. One of my friends has trouble naming characters as well. He was playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life a few weeks ago, and he was asking me what to name his farm animals. I suggested names like “Steve” or “Mike” for his chickens. He pointed out that chickens are female, and I replied, “I know”. I think he really did give his animals those names, since he couldn’t think of anything else.

  6. The problem is that everyone wants to have a witty name but once a name is taken, along with all its possible mispellings, it is tough to come up with something original and cool.

    Here is an idea on how to solve this problem. How about just randomly typing and letting whatever comes out be your name. Here are a few you can feel free to use if you want:

    ldjfape,7ru pdfuaeedfj lp9r-0;lfm dl”fkj043

    As a bonus it will drive people trying to talk to you crazy!

  7. mary – I know there’s sites that will generate character names, I just couldn’t bring myself to use them. Pride got in the way. Using DMOZ is brilliant, though.

    I think I came up with a pretty clever name all by myself. I’m not going to reveal it here (at least not yet) but I’m pretty pleased with my wit. It’s a nice little homage to another game that owned me for the past few weeks. (Hint, hint)

  8. I solve the chicken naming problem by naming them all after Cowboy Bebop characters. Of course this means I have to sell them off fairly regularly. I think I need to become more original or find a show with a larger regular cast.

    I wouldn’t want to use a generator either if I were playing an online game. In games like that, I’d want something with a little more meaning that would give other players a hint about what kind of person I am (or what kind of person I want them to think I am).

    On the other hand, with blog comments, I’m too old to remember a bunch of user names so I take the easy way and just use my real name.


  1. […] It got me thinking, what’s in a name? More specifically, why do we use the nicknames we use? As I was thinking of a name for my first ship in EVE, I blogged that the hardest part of playing a video game (particularly an MMORPG) is coming up with a character name. It has to be catchy, clever, and something that won’t embarass you. I eventually settled on the name “Broken Butterfly” for my ship. Again, I was proud of yet another clever name. The Broken Butterfly is my favorite weapon from Resident Evil 4, the .45 revolver that packed quite a wallop. Yet the butterfly is a nimble creature. So my ship, nimble yet potent, was aptly named. […]

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