Carnival time *updated*

… is almost here. Get your last minute submissions into the Prognosticator before tonight.

Update: Hmmm, we’re still waiting… Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Another Update: The Carnival has been posted! Looks like a few of the entries were omitted, but I’m not sure if that was the hosts choice or if there was a miscommunication (I let the prognosticator know about the missing entries). Either way, check it out!

More: Some of the submissions were relegated to Spam purgatory, so the Prog. has located the missing entries and will be updating the Carnival. I”m outta here for the night. Enjoy!

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  1. Am I missing something, or has the carnival not rolled into town?

  2. Ben – No, I haven’t seen it posted yet. Hopefully it will be soon!

  3. This would be the first time the Carnival hasn’t launched on the day it was scheduled. Hope everything is all right over at Virgin Worlds.

  4. Ok, it is all up now, sorry for the delay and the missing items from the first push. Spam protection is sometimes not your friend. While I’m not one for excuses, I actualyl came down with some god awful food poisoning which knocked me out for a couple days (Perkins hashbrowns I believe) so I couldn’t do the carnival overnight like I intended, had to squeeze it together during the day. Thanks for the patience!


  5. That’ll do you for eating at Pewkins! Glad, anyway, that is wasn’t terminal.

    Amazing the difference a day makes in the success of the Carnival though, eh?

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