I am nerdcore

On the TV: Halo 2, playing some Action Sack on Live.

On the laptop: EVE-Online, making mining runs in between rounds of Halo 2.

On the brain: Blogging about how much of a geek I am.


  1. I am reminded of a t-shirt I saw in college. It said:

    “You can’t spell GEEK without EE”

    So true.

    (For those that don’t know, Tony is an Electrical Engineer)

  2. You are nerdcore. I see you every morning when I drive by your house, a black sillouhettte sitting in front of your 5 monitors blogging, gaming, hacking, watching G4 TV, while pulling the latest episode of Geekspace 9 from the iTunes Store. And the thought of you doing all that with a Halo headset on is like icing on the cake. I think I’ll buy you a Tri-Lamda sweater.

  3. That is pretty hardcore. Interesting the EVE shares that with Elite … which when I was playing the Oolite rendition of on the Mac Mini, I would pop over and play some NetHack clone while waiting to hit the station.


  1. […] Since I have EVE on the Lappy, I could always put AA on the main PC. Whoa. Two MMOGs playing at once. That may go way beyond nerdcore. That’s uncharted territory. […]

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