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Update: Okay, while my DS is recharging, I’ve got a moment to comment on Hunters. I naturally started with the single player game and so far I like it. I am thoroughly impressed with the looks and sounds of the game. It definitely feels like a Prime game, complete with the scanning. That they shrunk it down to the DS’s size is quite impressive. I think I’m about quarter of the way through the first mission. I’m after some hot bounty and I’ve already had to vaporize a rival Hunter. Sorry about that, Kanden.

After finding my way back to my ship to save, I decided to give WiFi a go. I simply went with the vanilla death match and looked for some local players. I met up with “Doc” and no one else, so we went mano a mano in a struggle to the death. Actually, really just my death. He smoked me 7-0. I was sorta glad my battery was dieing so I could quit for the time being. The game was fast but it felt like we were both getting used to the controls. Maybe me a little more than him, since he did thrash me, but it looked like he was sorta fumbling, too. Just fumbling less than me. The actual game wasn’t too positive but the experience of getting started and connecting to a game were the best I’ve had with the Nintendo WiFi Connection. I hope this is the way Nintendo continues to use its WiFi service – no friend codes needed. There is, of course, a friend code, but this time it’s not as necessary.

So far, so good. I’m still trying to figure out which control scheme I like. At first I hated using the touch screen for looking/aiming/turning but I quickly got used to it (I was even using the little nub strap you get with the DS). When I played the WiFi match I tried the dual-control, which uses the buttons (ABXY) instead of the touch screen and that surprisingly felt awkward. I figured that would be the control scheme I used, but right now I’m leaning toward the touch screen. A little more playing time is in order. Right after the batteries (and my ego) have recharged.

When I do get on, I think I’m going to try and finish the first single player mission. Or maybe I’ll get in a WiFi match or two. If you’ve got the game, hit me up in the comments with your friend code. Mine is listed below:

Friend Code:


  1. Here’s my friend code. Hit me up with yours at


  2. Overall I’ve been impressed with the experience. One small improvement that I think is excellent is I can see if any of my friends are online and even if my rivals are online. This one of a few Wi-Fi Connection improvements I’ve come across so far.

    Also, the big difference with getting some friends and/or rivals together is you can play the other online game modes. The deathmatch has been a lot of fun but there are some other modes I’m hoping to try out soon. Also, curious about the voice chat which is a friends only feature. Sign me up!

    TGC Seth – 3479-5984-3379

  3. I too have the game, and have not tried WiFi yet. Just the single player. I’m sad to say that I am not digging this game. I loved Prime, so I can only assume that the awkward controls are getting to me. I just can’t find the perfect way to hold that chunky DS.

    I’ll keep trying. I will also post my FC here when I load up the game again.

  4. Will – for what it is worth I find the thumbtab thingy works the best for me. I can work with the stylus but it is not comfortable unless I rest the DS in a certain way. The only downside to the thumbtab is it is a little clunkier to access the touch menus. That being said, I faired much better online with my thumb than I did with the stylus.

    I played that heck out of the demo, so I’ve gotten used to it.

    I’m really curious if the DS Lite helps with the comfort issue at all. Looking forward to finding out … personally. πŸ™‚

  5. 3178

    So good! It’s like iD software went back in time and decided to make a Quake that didn’t suck!

  6. If you guys are EA readers, check out the code thread.


    0687 8711 5648

    Had a radar match on the train today. Never did find the guy. Was fricken’ cool.

    Also, I’ve had a horrible experience just getting in and playing…waiting, waiting, waiting. Guess I’m going agains Tony’s norm. πŸ™‚

    Tetris too:


    I have a red DS so no nubby thing for me. I got Mario Kart though! πŸ˜€

  7. All – I will have you all added when I fire up Metroid tonight. I’m also planning on some WiFi matches, maybe we’ll see each other!

    Will – It took me a while to find a comfortable place for holding the DS, but I’ve found a sweet spot and it seems to be working well for me. I just wish I could switch which shoulder button is used for firing! I hope the Lite solves this problem, too.

    ag – you have WiFi on the train? That’s pretty sweet. I should have prefaced my praise of how quickly I got into a game by saying I only tried one match. Haven’t had time to try again. And I can’t believe they didn’t ship the thumb-nub with the red DSes. What a rip!

  8. Doesn’t Hunters have voice-chat capability?

  9. agentgray says

    Joseph – Only with friends.

    Tony – Rival Radar doesn’t use wifi. It basically broadcasts your friend code out in the open. However when it makes a trade it beeps. I then opened the DS and did a cartridge to cartridge beam game. I hosted. To my surprise he joined. Also there is a code in my rivals now. I’m assuming it’s him. I’ve yet to see him back online on wifi at least. πŸ™‚

    The beam game kinda shocked me because I think you’re only supposed to get a 30 foot range. Well, I was in the middle of the car and we couldn’t find him.

    ..and , no, I was not playing the SP game.

  10. Since agentgray threw up a Tetris DS friend code, I thought I’d do the same.


    Been looking for you folks in MPH but haven’t been on when any of you have. There’s been a lot of errors and troubel handshaking so I keep finding my self playing in shorter bursts since the errors and the wait is kind of a pain. I remember this this was the same situation when Mario Kart was first released and that it eventually settled down.

  11. Oh man… I am so tempted to break down and not wait to get that DS Lite. I must resist!

  12. Brin – I say take the plunge! I think the regular DS will hold its value, making good eBay/trade fodder and you’ll still be able to get the DS Lite for a little more.

    At least that’s my plan.

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