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I know blogging has been light lately, but RL keeps getting in the way. I’d like to say gaming has kept me away but sadly that isn’t the case. Gaming has been limited to EVE lately, with an occasional Animal Crossing break.

Even with the lack of blogging, I wanted to post a few thoughts I’ve had recently:

  • Even with two AAA titles out in the past couple of weeks (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Oblivion), I still find that I’m not really gravitating toward the Xbox 360. All the trimmings on the periphery (Xbox Live Arcade, Gamer Points) still intrigue me but the games don’t. I’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls games (even though I own Morrowind) but I’ve been fascinated by the excited anticipation surrounding Oblivion. I’ll be watching Adam’s blog, since he’s in the same boat and will be playing an Elder Scrolls game for the first time. Even with all the excitement, I’m still content with the occasional Halo 2 match with friends and a little NCAA 2006. I’d also like to snag a copy of both Mercenaries and Forza since I never finished either of those. And I also have a stack of games that I’ve only played briefly that I’d like to get to. So yeah, I’m really not feeling the 360 right now.

    So I’m not sure what will be the title that pushes me over the edge. Probably the next NCAA title. If not that, then certainly the next Halo.

  • That being said, I am currently drooling over the DS Lite. I don’t know when it hits our shores, but man I want that! It just looks sexy (something the original does not). While I’d really like to get a black Lite, I think the dark blue (Navy enamel or something) will do. I’m also pumped about Metroid Prime Hunters. If I have a chance, I’ll be picking up a copy later this evening, but you never know how that works. I was a little worried about the control scheme, but after reading Tycho’s blurb about it you can color me excited.
  • I’m really digging EVE-Online. So much so that I’m running a mission as I type. I never got around to Auto Assault and now I doubt I will. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but the gaming buffet is already overflowing. With Metroid and Tetris on the cusp, I just don’t need another time sink. It isn’t easy being a gamer.
  • I have a bunch of posts that are in various states of completion that I’d like to get to at some point. I’ve got stuff on MMOs (Sports games in particular), video game music (and other music-related stuff) and whatever else fills the empty space in my head. I’ll get around to them eventually. Right now, someone is in dire need of Antibiotics and I’ve got to deliver.


  1. There’s nothing wrong with not feeling the 360 right now. As much as I like the console, it is not my #1 played console in the house. That title goes to the DS, as there is just so much goodness there. #2 goes to the Gamecube because of my newly-rekindled love for RE4, and my wife’s Fire Emblem addiction (I don’t know anyone else who can spend 4 hours on a single mission). #3 could go to either Xbox or 360, depending on the week. A very close #4 goes to the PC for WoW.

    Besides, not buying the 360 saves you a boatload of cash to spend on the DS, EVE montly fees and the upcoming DS Lite. The cost of gaming on that thing is prohibitively high. Consider the fact that a single wireless controller effectively costs $70 ($50 for the controller, $20 for the practically-mandatory play and charge kit).

    I also own Morrowind and played for exactly 15 minutes, spread across three different sessions. I hated it. I can’t put a finger on why, but I did. Despite that, I was one of those suckers that dropped $70 on the Oblivion CE. Right now, the game is pretty sweet. But is it $70 sweet? I’m not sure just yet.

  2. Tony:
    I have the exact same sentiments with the X360. By the time I will be ready, there should be some good budget titles. I just don’t see $60 for a new X360 game that cost as much to stamp as an X180 game (and if the dev is supposed to be so much easier why is the game cost more with that reasoning as well).

    However, my drool is being reserved for the Revolution.

    I did the same thing with Morrowind. The combat turned me off. Hack. Hack. Hack. Ding. I guess if you like to explore, it’s the game for you. Here’s my list: PC (Guild Wars and Gal Civ II [digital crack!], DS (Tetris, Metroid, AC, and sprinkles of Mario Kart)

    I still have Psychonauts and Prince of Persia:Two Thrones shrink wrapped from Christmas.

  3. Will – You’re right about neglect. Right now my regular Xbox is 4th on the list. The DS and PC are currently vying for my time now. Funny thing, but I’m playing Fire Emblem on the Gamecube, too. It doesn’t get much playing time, though.

    ag – I like the idea of waiting for some budget titles. I really hope something strikes my fancy, but 60 bucks is a lot to drop for something that has the possibility of sucking. (I think you meant to reference your comment to Will, not Mike, so I edited for ya)

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