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I’ve been pretty busy lately and it’s been cutting into my gaming time. We traveled home to my parents house this past weekend for the buttonSon’s first birthday and we’ll be heading to the button-In-Laws this weekend. What’s a gamer to do when he’s busy and on the road? What games should he play? That’s a great question. And the Nintendo DS is a great answer.

This past weekend I had some time to play a little more Metroid Prime Hunters. I’m searching for the perfect “grip”. I am still leaning towards using the touch screen for aiming but, as just about everyone has said, it’s hard to find a comfortable grip for a long period of time. I’d also like to use the right trigger for my fire button but that isn’t possible without reversing the controls. Neither are deal breakers but are not conducive to long periods of MPH gaming (which, coupled with a lack of save points, can be a pain, as Josh noted). During one of my MPH breaks, I jumped back into Metroid Fusion, which is still a good time. I think I’m close to finally finishing it. The DS and its GBA slot is almost a perfect little machine. The DS Lite can’t arrive soon enough.

I’m also still working off my Nook Loan. Thanks to my helpful commenters, I have been regularly opening my gates and increasing the value of my turnips. I have a flea market coming up this weekend, so I’m starting to hoard the expensive fish.

My Newest RideWhen I have a few moments to game at home, I’ve been playing EVE. I’m giving each of the “professions” a try. I’ve given manufacturing a try, churning out a bunch of small projectile ammo. I was hoping for a great “crafting” experience but it was a little too hands off for my liking. It still seems like a very viable way to make ISK so I haven’t sworn it off yet, I just didn’t get the crafting feedback I had hoped for. I upgraded my Probe for a Thrasher (pictured here) which was a big upgrade, fire-power-wise (even though it looks wimpy with those little turrets). With my newfound muscle I “ganged up” with BM reader Bobster for a little pirate hunting and that was a good time. Not entirely lucrative, but we weren’t going after the big boys. We’ll be trying some low-security mining soon, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve also been running as many missions as I can.

Since I’ll be out of town again this weekend, I’m hoping to finish up Metroid Fusion, get some more MPH time in and finally crack the seal on one of the games that interested me in the DS in the first place – Trauma Center. Can’t wait.

What about you guys? Playing anything new? Outside of GRAW and Oblivion, there doesn’t seem to be a bunch of new stuff out there. I’ve been eyeing Galactic Civilizations II but I don’t think I can take on another game right now.


  1. I look forward to ganging up with you again Button Masher.

    Thanks for not telling your readers that my basic method of fighting the pirates was to run in, hit once or twice with wimpy lasers then turn my ship around and light up the warp drive to run away. In my defense my boat at the time was not much to look at and could not take more than a few hits from enemy fire without opening to vaccum. I have since upgraded to a destroyer and will be able to hold my own in a gang fight. My finger will still hover over the “get me the hell out of here” button though.

  2. agentgray says

    Ok. Do not get GalCiv II.

    It will destroy your family, job, and make you want to start a communal village with only you as its resident.

    It has a high learning curve, but once learning how to ride that bike clicks. Watch out.

    I am saving your life. Do not get it. Finish those other great games first.


    This has been a bad month for me: Tetris DS, Metroid DS, GalCivII, Civ IV, and this little gem called Warning Forever (freakin’ FREE!)

  3. I’ve found that Hunters is all about the thumbstrap, so you can use both hands to hold the system. I only use the stylus if I’m sitting in bed, and can prop the system up. But I haven’t had any cramps yet. Guess I’m just lucky–or my carpal tunnel is bad enough that I wouldn’t notice anyway…

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