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Okay, I have resisted the “Pun Siren’s” call long enough. I don’t really know what to say about The Nintendo Wii. I could join the internet meme and say funny things that rhyme with “we” but I just won’t do it. But I did talk to some Nintendo fans about the new name and Wii just don’t buy it. Surely this is a joke. That can’t possibly be what Nintendo is going to call their next (and possibly most fabulous) console. That just isn’t riight.

Speaking of memes, Simon mentioned an E3 predictions meme. My one and only prediction is that Zelda Twilight Princess will not be a Gamecube game. I predict they will announce that it is going to be a Wii launch title. Complete with collector edition sword and shield Wii controllers. And a weekly visit from the neighborhood bully to kick your butt because you bought a console called “Wii.”

That’s what he’ll say as he delivers his pummeling.

Carnival is on its way!

Holy smokes, I just realized that the Carnival is one week away! It will be held here at Buttonmashing, in commemoration of the start of the second year of the Carnival. What a wild trip it’s been!

I’ll be sending out an email to past participants, inviting them to join the Carnival, but you can get the jump on that and submit something now! Head over to the Carnival HQ page for more info. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

My doom is nigh

Tonight I take on Corvus from Man Bytes Blog in the Spring Tournament of Bloggers, playing some Metroid Prime Hunters.

I AM DOOMED. I just checked my Wi-Fi stats and I’ve logged a whopping 4 minutes 59 seconds online. Whatever MPH skills I had have atrophied due to my constant playing of EVE-Online. I haven’t even unlocked any of the other hunters yet. Like I said, I AM DOOMED.

No matter, I’ll give it my best shot. But for now, I’m off to cram for my exam.

I mean seriously. How can I hope to survive against this?

Update: I’ve received a temporary reprieve, as Corvus is having technical issues. We’ll be trying again later.

Post Match Update: Well, the first match for the Tonester did not get off on a good foot. Corvus took me to school, winning big, 5-1. In my defense, I did have him up against the ropes in the beginning but blew myself up with my own missile to start off -1 – 0. He then put a beat down on me and I was humbled. We played a second game “off the record,” but I’d rather not talk about that.

GG, Corvus.

Remind me again…

Who was the one playing video games?

A Mercenaries sequel?

Ermac over at Error Macro links to some interesting pages on Pandemics “Projects” web site. The links lead to this page, with images of bombers and tanks with titles like “Candygram” and “Taxi” and picture of a map with the title “Playground.” Like Ermac said, this is speculation, but it’s fun speculation.

Mercenaries was one of my favorite games of 2005 and a sequel would be awesome. Here’s to hoping.

Bloglines purge

I’ve been going through my Bloglines subscriptions and have purged it of 100+ feeds. I removed a lot of gaming blogs that were either not being regularly updated or simply didn’t have the content I was looking for. I noticed that a lot of the stuff these blogs were posting was simply regurgitated news bits that I could find elsewhere (Kotaku and Joystiq). I was looking for more from gaming blogs. These guys didn’t make the cut. It’s not that they were bad, it just wasn’t what I was looking for.

That being said, I’ve already been replenishing my feeds with new bloggers that, if you’re not reading already, I suggest you check them out. They include:

Matt Brett, who has done a little bit of everything including playing video games, of course. Really like his

Amber Night is a blogger who falls into the category of both gamer and game designer. Always a thoughtful read.

A group of guys from uber game-news site Evil Avatar have started Toy Bane, which is a great read as well.

I’ve been reading it for a while, but in case you aren’t, Michael Zenke’s MMOG Nation is a great place for MMO commentary. (That’s Zonk from Slashdot Games, but you already knew that)

I also had a hiccup with Damned Machines feed, it wasn’t getting updated and I thought they had gone AWOL. Glad to see there still blogging with their razor sharp (jaded?) wit.

There has also been a return of a couple bloggers whose return has made me happy. Both Adam LaMosca and Jeff Freeman are back in the game. Glad to have you back.

Lots of good stuff out there for your consumption.

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Buckeye Blogging, Spring Game Edition

I went to my first Ohio State Spring Game (known as the Scarlet and Gray Game). Even though some of OSU’s top players didn’t play (or play much), OSU fans can rest assured that The 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes are going to be early favorites contending for a pre-season #1 ranking. The defense, which lost nine starters, looked like they won’t skip a beat. It will be tough to replace the line backer corps of 2005, but these guys coming in will do just fine.

And the highly touted Chris “Beanie” Wells looks impressive. He is going to be a bruiser. This is going to be an offense that is going to rack up a lot of yards and put up a lot of points. Even if the defense struggles at first, the offense will have its back. I am excited about this Ohio State team.

The only downer from going to the game (besides the sun burn) is that we’ve got to wait 4 1/2 more months until football season starts. I can’t wait!

My Halo 3 wishlist

Last week IGN posted their “Top Ten” wishlist for Halo 3. I thought they had some good ideas, like giving us a proper ending and bringing back the pistol, but I think there’s one thing missing from the list:

Big Head Mode

If it’s good enough for Goldeneye, it’s good enough for Master Chief.

Survival guide for coming into contact with Jack Bauer

Jack BauerAs I was watching today’s episode of 24, I got to thinking about why some characters have to get whacked. Why can’t at least some of the good people make it? Like the bank manager from last week’s episode. He didn’t have to die, did he? Evidently there’s some Grim Reaper-pheromone that surrounds Jack that, when you absorb it, the sickle is coming down on you. Maybe not this hour, but it’s going to happen. So I thought of a few survival tips for finding yourself in Jack’s path. It will at least help you determine whether or not you’re going to become a Jack Bauer meat shield:

  • Did you just come into contact with Jack Bauer in the last five minutes, having previously never met him? Is your utility come to an end? Sorry, you’re going to bite it
  • Are you a terrorist with a really good accent? Kiss your Jihad bye-bye.
  • Have you survived at least two other 24-hour periods with Jack (and you’re not his daughter)? I hope you said goodbye to your loved ones
  • Are you or have ever been romantically involved with Jack and not betrayed your country? Congratulations. You may survive but you’ve bought yourself quite a few painful hours of torture and agony. Possibly at Jack’s hand
  • Are you chubby (or otherwise unattractive) and talk with a lisp (*cough* Edgar *cough*)? Sorry, but your end is going to be exquistely painful.
  • Is your name Aaron Pierce? Lucky you. You’re like a Bauer-in-training or something. But I still worry that you’re going to go the way of the Edgar. In a patriotic, selfless manner. With lots of blood.

That’s just a friendly survival guide from a guy who knows. Just don’t ask me how I know. I just do.

Just read the whole thing

Why I read blogs #9138. It’s a pretty moving piece.