Still here, still gaming

Hey, I just realized it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted anything and comments have gone unanswered, but I am still here, and yes I’m still gaming. Right now the only free time I’ve had has been with EVE-Online, but it has been time well spent. EVE is definitely my current favorite game. I’ve put in a little time with Metroid Prime Hunters and Animal Crossing, but not much else.

Presently I’m on a quest to erradicate a bug infestation. It’s come to the attention of the townsfolk (my wife and I) that part of our lawn was killed last year by an assualt of bugs. Grubs, to be exact. So my quest is to kill like ten thousand of them. I’m only half way there, so I must attend to my duties now. I’ve only got another day to finish this quest or I don’t get the bonus. I hope I score some phat lewt!


  1. “Grubs fell. Victory!

    You get [10,000] xp.
    You get [an uninfested lawn].
    Tony has gained a level!”

  2. Thomas – I like it! It’s a new game: Lawncare: The Mowing. The only thing missing is the “ding!” after I leveled up.

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