Buckeye Blogging, Spring Game Edition

I went to my first Ohio State Spring Game (known as the Scarlet and Gray Game). Even though some of OSU’s top players didn’t play (or play much), OSU fans can rest assured that The 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes are going to be early favorites contending for a pre-season #1 ranking. The defense, which lost nine starters, looked like they won’t skip a beat. It will be tough to replace the line backer corps of 2005, but these guys coming in will do just fine.

And the highly touted Chris “Beanie” Wells looks impressive. He is going to be a bruiser. This is going to be an offense that is going to rack up a lot of yards and put up a lot of points. Even if the defense struggles at first, the offense will have its back. I am excited about this Ohio State team.

The only downer from going to the game (besides the sun burn) is that we’ve got to wait 4 1/2 more months until football season starts. I can’t wait!

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