A Mercenaries sequel?

Ermac over at Error Macro links to some interesting pages on Pandemics “Projects” web site. The links lead to this page, with images of bombers and tanks with titles like “Candygram” and “Taxi” and picture of a map with the title “Playground.” Like Ermac said, this is speculation, but it’s fun speculation.

Mercenaries was one of my favorite games of 2005 and a sequel would be awesome. Here’s to hoping.


  1. I totally agree that Mercenaries was awesome. I didn’t play any of it until this last February, but I still loved every moment.

  2. Mercenaries is still one of my faves on the PS2. I still haven’t finished it, but make regular trips back to NK to move along a little more.

  3. I think it would be a no-brainer for them to make a sequel to Mercenaries. It doesn’t even have to be a direct sequel. Just a similar sand box game. Trying to take a Jeep up steep hills was a blast, not to mention running over bad guys and smashing into cars as you drive down the free way. Good times, Mercenaries.

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