My doom is nigh

Tonight I take on Corvus from Man Bytes Blog in the Spring Tournament of Bloggers, playing some Metroid Prime Hunters.

I AM DOOMED. I just checked my Wi-Fi stats and I’ve logged a whopping 4 minutes 59 seconds online. Whatever MPH skills I had have atrophied due to my constant playing of EVE-Online. I haven’t even unlocked any of the other hunters yet. Like I said, I AM DOOMED.

No matter, I’ll give it my best shot. But for now, I’m off to cram for my exam.

I mean seriously. How can I hope to survive against this?

Update: I’ve received a temporary reprieve, as Corvus is having technical issues. We’ll be trying again later.

Post Match Update: Well, the first match for the Tonester did not get off on a good foot. Corvus took me to school, winning big, 5-1. In my defense, I did have him up against the ropes in the beginning but blew myself up with my own missile to start off -1 – 0. He then put a beat down on me and I was humbled. We played a second game “off the record,” but I’d rather not talk about that.

GG, Corvus.


  1. Both of you seem convinced that the other is going to own the match. It should be interesting!

  2. agentgray says

    All you need is Samus.


  3. Brin – it seems I was the one who ended up being right 🙁

    ag – unfortunately, I don’t have many choices. I need to do some unlocking!

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