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What to do

You’ve probably read that Target and other fine retail establishments are already selling Nintendo DS Lites, almost two weeks before the release date. It is tempting to pick one up, as I fully intend on picking up a DS Lite. Nevertheless, this presents a conundrum: I lust after a black (or navy, whatever) DS Lite, not the white DSL. So while I could be jamming on a brand new DS Lite right now, I find myself compelled to wait for the sexier, darker DS Lite.

So do I take the early plunge, get the white DS and then wait until the others are released and trade the white in for one? Or do I hold out longer? There’s nothing wrong with my Electric Blue DS. It’s strictly gadget lust. I must have one of those Lites!

Carnival’s a-coming

It’s the last day to get your submissions in to Kim for the Carnival. Don’t delay!

EVE Online, 90 days later

I’ve been meaning to start a new thing here at where I expound on my initial impressions. I’ve posted a lot of “first impressions” but I don’t follow up as often as I want to. Often, those initial impressions are the “honeymoon” stage and you look past flaws. Now that I’ve been well past that stage with EVE, I thought I’d share a little more on my experiences.

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Another blogson is born

He’s been blogging for a couple weeks now, but another one of my buddies has taken the blog-plunge on account of my encouragement (pressure? insistence?). He’s a fellow Buckeye fan, video gamer, and all-around good guy. He also has excellent photoshop skills and he’s crafted me a mighty fine looking banner that I plan to get on the site soon. He prefers to keep his identity private, only to be known as the “Monkey.” I present to you:

Stop on over and say hey.

Wii’s pricetag…

… and other things that make me happy.

I don’t post a lot of the news that other sites pick up before me (I try not to blog from work too much) but when I read the announcement of Nintendo’s pricing for the Wii, I couldn’t stop smiling. I had to post something! At less than 250 bucks, Nintendo hit one out of the park. That price is the proverbial sweet spot for gamers.

I did read a rumor earlier this week, though, that Nintendo was ready to announce a $200 price point, but after Sony announced their ridiculously overpriced PS3, Nintendo held off and went with the $250 price. That’s just a rumor, but it makes sense, from a business point of view. Fricken Sony!

The only thing I’m worried about now is if the Big N can meet the demand. They say the want to sell six million units by next March, but if they had that many ready by Christmas, they would sell every single one of them. And then half of them would be on eBay the next day. I also worry about price gougers retailers bundling the Wii with all manner of unnecessary crap. It’s already being done with the DS Lite, and I after what we witnessed with the 360, I see no reason why it won’t happen again. All of this adds up to some serious frustration, come launch-day. That bothers me, because I refuse to “pre-order” and I’d rather not wait out in the cold at 11:30 at night outside of Best Buy to get my Wii.

I just want to get my Wii on, is that so wrong?