Are you a Nintendo Geek?

Prove it.

I scored 1700, getting two wrong and getting a couple clues. I’m a “Nintendo Geek”. Darn skippy.

(via my buddy Grant. Destructoid has been added to the feed list!)


  1. 1525!!

  2. Bobster says

    I tried to load the quiz. I waited more than 15 seconds but it didn’t start up. Sorry, I don’t have time to wait. There is a princess out there that needs saving. Score: 0

  3. 1650!

  4. agentgray says


    I missed a couple, but on three of them, my spelling was off.

    I”m a noob.

  5. 1425 – guess I’m not such a geek after all. Who’d of thunk it.

  6. Well, I’ll admit that the NES box art is in my wheel house, I knew I had it bad when I can look at the box and the screen shots and differentiate 1942 and 1943. I know my NES history!

    Bobster – weird that it didn’t load up for you. You must be using an old browser or something. Have you upgraded from Netscape 2.0 yet?


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