E3 glut

Things are going to be somewhat quiet around here over the next week. With the forthcoming onslaught of information and booth babes that E3 brings with it, the signal-to-noise ratio goes way down, to almost imperceptible levels, rendering any discussion moot for a while. While I eat up all the information that accompanies the cacophony, I don’t buy in to much of the hype. I’m excited to see what Nintendo has to show off (starting this morning!) and all the new games make my inner-nerd twitter in anticipation, but I’ve always got my guard up, lest I be let down yet again.

All that being said, I’m anxious to see people’s reactions to the Wii controller. I certainly hope it lives up to its hype. I also hope Nintendo has some more concrete plans about their online gaming service. I’d love to see them offer something similar to Xbox Live with Gamerscores and the Live Arcade. There are so many possibilities that they could do with their download service. And will there be Wii/DS connectivity? I wouldn’t be surprised. I also wouldn’t be surprised if their presentation starts of with, “Wii were just kidding. It’s not called the Wii. It’s still the Revolution.” And I stand by my other prediction that Zelda will be a Wii-only release. That would be fine by me.

On the gaming front, I can still be found in the EVE-Online universe, ridding the galaxy of bad guys, one pirate at a time. I’m also very excited to see that the New Super Mario Bros. game is getting rave reviews. The return to 2D is very exciting. I think this will be my next pick up. I’ll be out of town this weekend, visiting with the in-laws, so that means lots of NCAA 2006. With details leaking out about 2007, I figure it’s time I get my money’s worth out of 2006.

So I won’t be commenting too much on the E3 happenings in real-time here. I’d suggest you check out Joystiq’s E3 coverage or Evil Avatar. That’s where I’ll be.


  1. agentgray says

    For realtime stuff, check out our podcast later tonight.

  2. Feel free to jump in the “EvAv chatroom” with us, man. We had a great laugh last night with Sony! At any minute we expected them to shout “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”


  3. ag – Listening to it as I type this. So far, pretty good.

    Jeff – unfortunately when I’m at work I try to avoid chatrooms. Sort of takes away from being productive and stuff 🙂

  4. I am sad to see no thread on the halo 3 trailer released and the sad fact that it will be the last in a the series…..huge mistake for bungie and microsoft……money wise…..Also devastated but not surprised to hear it is exclusavely for the 360……looks like I know what to ask for for my birthday….not a lot was metioned in the video with only 1 earth scene and no multi-player features were shown….and of course no release date.

  5. Tony, aren’t we meant to have a Metroid Prime: Hunters match?

  6. Not to be a shameless self-promoter, but FLICKER GAMING has some good E3 thoughts as well! We just launched and everything is looking sweet.


  7. Jeremiah – Eventually, even Halo will run out of steam. I’m glad they’re going to finish up all the loose ends, but I don’t think it’s a huge mistake for Bungie to wrap up the series. They know what they’re doing.

    Brin – I was out of town all weekend, so I was AFDS. Later this week might work for me. I’ll send you an email with contact info for our game.

    Jason – I’ll check it out!

  8. I predict in 3 years we will consider the xbox 360 in the same categories as the sega 32x (I owned 1) and the Sega Saturn both the demise of the Sega company

  9. Jeremiah – those are pretty bold statements to make, comparing the 360 to Sega’s mistakes. We shall see what happens!

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