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You’ve probably read that Target and other fine retail establishments are already selling Nintendo DS Lites, almost two weeks before the release date. It is tempting to pick one up, as I fully intend on picking up a DS Lite. Nevertheless, this presents a conundrum: I lust after a black (or navy, whatever) DS Lite, not the white DSL. So while I could be jamming on a brand new DS Lite right now, I find myself compelled to wait for the sexier, darker DS Lite.

So do I take the early plunge, get the white DS and then wait until the others are released and trade the white in for one? Or do I hold out longer? There’s nothing wrong with my Electric Blue DS. It’s strictly gadget lust. I must have one of those Lites!


  1. Your current dilemma describes mine perfectly. Gadget lust is making me pine after the white DSL, even though I really want the navy one. Luckily, my area Target and Walmart don’t have them in stock, so I can’t pick one up. But when June 11th rolls around, I’ll still be faced with this issue.

    I think i’ll just spend the extra $70 shipping to import a navy one, instead of waiting half a year (or longer) until they decide to bring the navy one to our shores.

  2. The day has come when not only is it physically possible to buy two or three copies of essentially the same handheld for the price of a next-gen console, but it’s actually more attractive than buying the console.

    Is this the promised land of handheld gaming, or the apocalypse of console gaming? Or both?

  3. agentgray says


    I’m an iPod whore so the white is cool for me.

    Want a pic? My wife and I are enjoyin all the finer cmplexities of multiplayer games now. She owns me in Mario and I own her in Tetris.

  4. Will – the thought of importing makes me a bit nervous. I know they’re compatible, it still makes me wary. I hope it doesn’t take six months for them to bring the other colors here!

    GregT – the DS is the promised land. Make no mistake!

    ag – I’m a sucker for the iPod aesthetic, too, but I myself have a silver iPod mini, so I’m not as taken with the white DS. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful piece of machinery, I just want mine darker! But that picture makes me so jealous!


  1. […] I knew it! Even though I professed my desire for a Black DS Lite, I couldn’t wait and went with the beautiful and pure White DSL. Four Color Rebellion is now saying the the Black and Pink (woohoo!) DS Lites are heading our way. […]

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