House Cleaning

Things might get a little wonky around here, I’m going to be tinkering under the WordPress hood. I’d like to update the look of my site with a more appropriate banner and color scheme. I’ve also got a backlog of posts that I need to tag. I hope it doesn’t make the feed go screwy. I apologize in advance if it does.

I’m also going to upgrade to the most recent WordPress install and update any plugins that may have been updated.

We’ll get to our regular scheduled program shortly.


  1. Do you want a banner based on that sketch I did for you ages ago?

  2. Corvus – I’d love to see that sketch cleaned up, I really liked it. As you can see, I’ve updated it with the header my buddy made, but I’m always up for variety! If you’ve got time to work on the buttonmasher, I’d love to see it.

  3. I’ll add it to the queue for Friday. I’ve already vectorized it, so it’s a matter of cleaning it up, adding some text and playing with color schemes.

  4. Maybe not text…

  5. agentgray says

    One thing:

    Seeing what is a link in the text is really hard to make out now.

  6. Thanks, ag, I changed it to blue.

  7. agentgray says

    Wow, that makes a huge difference and it works. 😀

    “Kneel before Zod”

  8. You wield serious power here, agentgray. With great power comes great responsibility!

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