Extravaganza Recap

Well, as is often the case, even though I had lots of free time, I didn’t get to do everything I had hoped to do during my “free time.” There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

One thing I did accomplish was playing a lot of golf. I got in 45 holes in a 24 hour period. That’s a lot of golf. I golfed some of my best golf, which always makes the rounds that much better. I had two chip-ins for birdies, which for me is a rarity to do it once, so doing it twice in a weekend is close to golf Nirvana.

As far as gaming goes, I got some time online with Halo 2, finally played Brinstar for our STOB match (I won 0-(-1), not very convincingly) and I picked up the New Super Mario Brothers (more on that later). One game that I didn’t play, surprisingly, was EVE-Online. I think it’s time that EVE and I start seeing other people. I may go back to it, but currently there are other games I’d rather play, which means EVE goes into hibernation. I’m not giving up on it, it’s just no longer a priority, and if I don’t plan on paying for something I’m not playing.

So now the family is back in town, bringing this year’s extravaganza to a close.


  1. As always, make sure you set a long skill to train before you say goodbye to EVE. It’s nice to know it’s working for you just in case.

  2. It was a close match. GG! 😀

  3. Ethic – good idea. I think I have one that was around a month or so, I’ll get that one going for sure. Just in case, of course.

    Brin – yeah, it was a fun game. I think if there hadn’t been places to fall to one’s death, you probably would have beaten me. That definitely came to pass in the second, “off the record,” match.


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