New Super Mario Brothers, first impressions

Wow, I don’t know where to start. I picked this up over the extravaganza weekend but just now had a chance to really give it a whirl and I feel like I’m twelve years old again. There hasn’t been a game that has done that in forever. The only reason I’m writing this and not playing is because I just finished the first world as my DS’s battery was about to die and I decided I’d best shut it down and charge it for the night instead of moving on to the next world.

So far, so freaking good.

But how can a game I played almost twenty years ago be any good? Because it’s the quintessential Mario elements – easy and responsive controls, cartoonish appeal, vibrant colors, beautiful music and two dimensions. The platforming presents the same enjoyment as it did years ago and even though there are a few differences in the levels, I could still find the 1-up mushroom in the 1-2 level. I wish I hadn’t started playing so late as I want to keep playing. Curse you, early morning alarm!

It feels good to be a Super Mario Brother again!


  1. It’s too short 🙁 Other than that it is fantastic. There’s lots of replay value too, which helps with the short length of the game.

  2. agentgray says

    Getting all the stars now. Still loving it.

    Tony, you’re such a Nintendad.

  3. Mike – I figured as much. It seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to make it through, but replayability looks promising.

    ag – “Nintendad”! I love that! I’m so stealing it.

  4. The Salesman says

    I’ve just ordered Mario Kart DS off amazon for 17.99, but i really need that nostalgic feeling of when i first played Super Mario Bros, NEED….NOW….Ahhhhhh!

    *no, that ahhh was a sigh….seriously it was!*

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