I’ve gone and done it.

I guess my birthday wish came true (sort of). I intially decided to wait on the darker DS Lite (ironic, no?) before I took the plunge into that world. Well, for purely aesthetic reasons, I’ve decided to forego waiting and purchase a white DS Lite.

A couple weeks ago, the earphones that came with my iPod Mini bit the dust. On the recommendation from a bunch of positive reviews, I went with the Sony Fontopia Headphones (MDR-EX71SL) and since it was for my iPod, I went with the white ones. Of course, I have a silver iPod Mini, but pay no mind to that fact. I went with the white for their ipodness.

Turns out, these are really fantastic earphones, not only with the iPod. I plugged them into my DS last night while I played some Super Mario and Metroid Fusion and it sounds great. Nay, superb. These white earphones will now be a permanent part of my DS setup. So why would I want a black DS with white earphones? Who would mix and match colors like that? I decided that a white DS Lite was in order.

I was unable to procure a DS in any local stores today (Target had them, but no free Brain Age) so I placed an order online and now anxiously await the arrival of my sexy handheld. All because of those sweet, white earphones.

(I can’t get over the delicious irony of this entire post. Mostly because it was a Sony product that has prompted me to purchase a Nintendo product that I already own an iteration of)


  1. I was also going to wait for a different color before buying a DS Lite. However, I couldn’t pass up the free copy of Brain Age. Both Best Buy and Circuit City had the offer running at the same time. So, I bought mine last Monday.

  2. To tell you the truth I am unsure what difference the color of the game system makes. Does the screen appear brighter on a darker unit or what?

    Maybe there certain ‘dark’ games that will only play on dark colored game systems?

    That would actually be pretty cool.

  3. Welcome to the DS Lite club.

  4. Hart – That’s the deal I was trying to get in on! BB and CC were both clean out of stock.

    Bobster – It’s all about the looks, man. It won’t effect any kind of game play. I just want to look “cool.”

    Brin – I’m not there yet! My DSL still hasn’t shipped. It’s agony waiting!

  5. The salesman says

    I use my Creative MP3 Player’s headphones, and it works wonders! I love the crispy sound feedback i recieve from my DS, especially when i hear the “Power Star” Jingle on Super Mario 64 DS.

    Just a quicky about the DS lite, i have…. (wow i spoke like yoda!) ehem, anyway….

    I’m actually stumped really, i would get a ds lite, with the uber cool “sketched down size, brightness levels and larger screen” but i already have a ds, and i don’t see how i could get another one, since i bought it abroad (with a little help of my friend “bartering” ehehe) i got my nintendo ds for a good 63.71 w/metroid prime first hunt demo.

    It’s a good price for a ds though, but should i try and sell my Current DS, save up and buy a Lite? I mean, i’ll try and buy it from abroad again (Dubai :D) and get it for 70 instead of 110, since the exchange rate is much different, and bartering helps. Man i have a lot of problems, so should i go for it? Or should i stick with my lovable ‘Old’ DS?

  6. The salesman: Get the DS Lite. The difference is amazing.

  7. i’ve seen and played the DSL, if you have a DS, you really dont need a DSL, it’s a little smaller, which just makes it feel flimsy, if you dont have a DS and your gonna get one, go for the light,but if you have a DS, really, it’s just burning money, in fact, instead of buring it, you could give it to me!

  8. The Salesman says

    Ohhh im in such a dilemma! I’ve seen the difference and the ‘wow’ factor is much higher, but my old ds was what i was planning on sticking with forever, but then nintendo goes and refurbishes it, like with the GBA = GBA SP= GBA mini, GB = GBC, DS = DS Lite, now what?! Well, i think its only fair in my case if i stuck with my old DS, but as FlamingSquirrelOfdeathv2 has just said, it’s burning money, and anyway if i was gonna sell my old ds, i wouldnt get…. ahhhh waiiit a second…the shops dont know i bought it from abrooooad, mwahahha! oh crap i need a reciept as proof, ARGH IM LOSING IT! OH NO MY EYES HAVE GONE CROSSEYED!

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