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Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! arrived from my DS Lite order. It shipped a couple days before my DS Lite, but my DS Lite is currently sitting in the UPS warehouse in Maumee, Ohio. So close yet so far away. My fingers are crossed that it shows up tomorrow. I can almost taste it.

In the meantime, I’m gonna give Brain Age a whirl.

Update: Yikes! The first time through, for the initial Brain Age test I misunderstood the instructions and got the first few “answers” wrong. I ended up with a brain age of 69. Embarassing! I trained my brain a bit with some math calculations and Sudoku and tested my brain age again and it was down to 44. So I’m using 44 as my baseline. That score of 69 was an aberration.

On a side note, I was never caught up in the Sudoku craze. I’m a cryptogram and crosswords guy, myself, but after trying Sudoku, I am a believer. This is a really fun game and is perfect of the DS!


  1. I too wasn’t up on Sudoku. I even called it a stupid and pointless game, until I played it on Brain Age. It is great, and I use it to pass many boring hours on the bus.

    My first brain age was something like 79. Since that first time, my score has fluctuated from 21 to 67.

    Have you had trouble with the Stroop Test recognizing the word “blue?” If so, try saying “lue” instead. It seems to help once in a while.

  2. I tried Sudoku on paper last year, but I couldn’t figure out the basics. I tried it on Brain Age and I finally understood what I was supposed to do! It’s hard for me though. I haven’t been able to finish a puzzle. Too many mistakes. :-/

    My brain age went from 50-something to the current: 32.

  3. “I misunderstood the instructions and got the first few “answers” wrong.”

    Understanding the question is just as important as getting the question correct, don’t you think? I, too, misunderstood one or two of the activities at first… but that is MY fault.

  4. agentgray says

    Yeah, the Stroop test “blue” deal is a bad thing.

    I’ve gotten people hooked on the DS through Sudoku alone. I read on the net somewhere that the fastest moving device among seniors right now is the DS.

    My grandma (70 ) played me a game of Brain Training a couple of days ago and wiped the floor with me.

  5. mabey i’m just dumb, but i cant for the life of me, figure out what i’m suposed to do in triangle math!

    other than that, very good game, will keep you hooked for a few weeks, then it just gets boring, simalar to my experiance with animal crossing wild world

  6. The Salesman says

    Well, my mates got his intelligence down onto a perfect 20, but thats because he knows the game inside out, and hes a right dumbass. He just memorises the answers and qn’s so he can get it right, what a gimp.

    But hey, a good idea, i think i’ll get it too, looks fun!

  7. my friend…………hes 11, his first try, he got 20, his fastest time on calculations X20, was…….. 23 seconds…. why is it that when ever i show a game to someone was younger than me, they kick my butt……

  8. The Salesman says

    I love beating little kids in games, especially when they cry, oh oh! and also i love scaring them too. I brought my little cousin into the room (who btw was PISSING me off bad with constant whining about why i didnt let him play video games), so i let him in my room, gave him my gamecube controller, turned the lights off so only the light from the tv was on, and told him to walk leon into the next area, then all of a sudden, el gigante bursts out and my cousin screams and ran down the stairs, he didnt stop crying for 3 and a half hours.

    ahhhh…the sweet sound of mental scarring….hehe, im cruel.

  9. The Salesman says

    aaaaaaand i dont know what the hell that has to do with brain age DS, but hey, atleast his mental scarred brain will mean he wont be able to beat me in brain age when we play it! heheh.

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