DS Lite, handheld perfection?

I am this close to declaring the DS Lite the perfect gaming machine, ever made. The DS as a console was really coming into its own, with a ginormous library of Game Boy Advance games right out of the box and a steady stream of DS games that were simply success after success. Then they gave us the Lite and its sexy, svelte look and bright, beautiful screens and Nintendo had achieved handheld perfection.

I’m trying to find a flaw, I really am, but I just can’t do it. Everything about it is screaming perfection and I am hearing it, loud and clear.


  1. I’m literally –>

  2. I have a DS Lite too and while I really like it I can’t say it’s the best gaming platform ever. It’s going to take more time and many awesome future titles to convince me that. My first favorite gaming platform was the SNES and then the PS2.

  3. I keep passing closer and closer to the electronics store every day on the way to work. One of these days I’m going to stop and make the DS Lite mine.

  4. I’m just waiting till I see the black model somewhere. Hey, what can you tell me about the battery life of the new model versus the old model? Surely the brightness of a thousand suns comes at some sort of battery price?

  5. “…svelte…?” What the hell?!

  6. Ethic – do it, man. With your break from MMOGs, you need something to game with, all casual like. You won’t regret it.

    GregT – I’ve only had to recharge my DS once so far, and I easily got ten hours out of a full battery, maybe more. That was at the 3rd highest level of brightness.

    Bobster – one can only say “sexy” so many times. I’m like a walking thesaurus.

  7. Is it possible for you to go in and fix whatever formatting nightmare I accidentally created, so I don’t look like an imbecile at the top of the comments? 😉

  8. Jason – I went to fix it last night, since I figured you meant to say more than what shows up, but it appears that the comment editor ate whatever you posted, thinking it was HTML markup. Let me know what you meant and I’ll fix it.

  9. The Salesman says

    hmmm…the perfect creation….dodgy, i cant find a downside either. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve stuck with nintendo from the moment i layed my hands on a SNES but, since i don’t exactly own a DS Lite i can’t comment, oh well…. *sighs*

  10. yeah, ya know whats weird, i’m thinking of selling my DS, i mean, a have played the crap out of all the good games thas on it, and there are no other games i want for it, even upcoming games, nothing! it’s just like my xbox, there arent a whole lot of games being released on xbox anymore, and i have all the good ones (but i’ve played em so much, the’re boring) so i just dont know what to do with them anymore, if the DS has one defect, it would be lack of games to the regular to hardcore gamer, that, and having to have FC’s on animal crossing

    the only consle that is NOT boring for me is my gamecube, and i’ve had that for 5 years, and have had over 40 games on it (not all at once)

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