I like Smarties

Unfortunately, they haven’t actually made me smart.

This should come as no surprise to people that know me and my wife personally, but she’s, like, way smarter than me. She’s been kicking my butt in Brain Age and she constantly reminds me of it. I need to test my brain age again, because the ridicule and teasing is starting to hurt my feelings.


I am ashamed


  1. haha! thats funny, my friend took it, 20, right off the bat, mine was like 30, he did calculatoins x20, his fasest was 23 seconds

  2. Dude… my 12-year old DAUGHTER has a better rating than I do. (She’s 27, I hover around 47).

    I blame it on the fact that the voice recgonition can never understand when I shout “Blue,” or that my 2s look like 7s to the character recognition…

    …but honestly, maybe if I actually took the daily training instead of playing the Soduku puzzles all the time… I wouldn’t have to use those excuses. πŸ˜‰

  3. I have a 32. πŸ˜•

  4. brain age = 31

  5. It’s the opposite for my wife and I. She’s worked her way down in the low 30s from the 50s. I started in the 40s, got into the 20s and 30s, and finally scored a 20 last week. (It dropped to 22 yesterday, though… I must be tired.) Now, if only I could figure out why the Analog Clock training game is such a pain in the ass for me. πŸ™‚ (If you don’t have access to that one yet, it’ll come with around 13 or 15 training stamps. I forget the exact number.)

  6. The Salesman says

    Wow…. that’s a painful thing to see, and very embarrasing, and yes, i have been through this, me and my mates had a go at this, and i got 59 while everyone else got less than 32… i have never seen the girls in hysterics at me like that before πŸ™

  7. Thanks for all the comments to reaffirm that I am not alone in my Brain Age ineptitude. I’ve shaved off 8 years of my brain age since my last test but I’m still lagging my better half. I should probably stop playing Sudoku and focus more on my training!

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