Carnival Update

After discussing with CheapyD (this month’s Carnival host), we both decided that the Carnival will be delayed a couple weeks, until August 17th. We’re doing this for a couple reasons; the number of submissions is down this month and summer is usually slow for game bloggers anyway. Add to that this oppresive heat and relatively quiet news front (outside of the E3 news) it’s just slow going. So we’re going to combine the August and September Carnivals into one Carnival on the 17th. The rest of the hosts will be bumped up a month and we’ll resume the normal monthly schedule in October, when the days are cooler, the games are flowing and the nights are longer.

So you’ve still got a couple weeks now to work on your Carnival submissions and get them in to CheapyD. As always, you can hit up the Carnival HQ for any carnie questions you might have.


  1. so basicly, if i have a blog (which i dont, but i might start one…..if i can get off my lazy butt long enough) i can choose a “topic” or post (like your “i like smarties” thing) and submit it to the carnival (as long as it’s on topic) and get free shameless advertising?

    he he he!
    i made blog
    TADA! now i fully know that it will probly die out within the week, but WHO CARES! at least i can say i tried it!

  3. Flaming – no, that’s not exactly how it works. Yes, you need a blog. Yes, you choose any video-game related topic to post about, and then you submit it to the carnival. But it isn’t “shameless advertising” as you call it. If your post is garbage, the carnival host has the option not to link to it, so you get no “advertising.” This is just a way for other people to read what others are blogging about and discover new, well written blogs.

    Nevertheless, good luck with your blog. And when you post your name here, you don’t have to make it so long. “Flaming Squirrel” should do just fine.

  4. What is the policy on post replacement? The post I submitted a week or two ago will be kinda dated by the time the Carnival is posted in mid-August. Should I just submit a different article with a note?

  5. well, i figured there would be some sort of screening, and as for the name, look above me, i can’t even pronouce that guys freakin name

  6. wait, one more questoin, does the post have to do with the name? like grump gamer, the post should have to do with that kinda thing? or cheap ass gamer, the post sould have to do with cheap gaming?

  7. Wizzel – just resubmit the article you want replaced, mentioning the CheapyD that you want to replace one post with the other. He should be able to handle it from there.

    FS – the post doesn’t have anything to do with your topic. Because it’s at CheapyD’s place doesn’t mean that’s what you talk about. Write about whatever you like, as long as it’s game related.

  8. wait, now this isn’t totly a post per say, but would it be suitible?
    i just dont want to submit it, and look like a retard (which i end up doing often enough, like asking you tons of annoying questoins!)

  9. I sent my first submission to the gmail account. Did he get that, or do I need to submit somewhere on CAG’s website?

  10. ag – Your email came through, I have the gmail setup to auto-forward to CheapyD, so it should be fine.


  1. Carnival Delayed…

    Two more weeks, my foot is in the door.
    I can’t sleep in the wake of Saturday.
    Oh well. At least this gives me a chance to write up a decent article instead of the mediocre one I submitted a couple weeks ago.


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