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MeteosI know I’m over a year late to the party on this one, but I’ve finally scored myself a copy of Meteos. I’m browsing eBay, picking up some of the DS games that have received a fair amount of good word-of-mouth. On the recommendation of agentgray (or is it Nintendaddio now?) and anyone else who’s played it, I’m also looking to get my paws on Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan as soon as I can. I’m working on a new post that will hopefully encompass all that is good about gaming with the DS (here’s a preview — it’s pretty much all good).

Reading through the instruction booklet (which is printed “portrait” instead of “landcape”, giving it a flip-book feel) looks like Meteos is pretty complex. But, like I always do, I’ll just throw it into the machine and dive right into it.


  1. I got a free DS lite and super mario bro. game today….. Deanna and ELi love it ….lol I havent gotten to see it yet……what other games do you recomend for the Lite for my whole family to enjoy and 1 that only I would love.

  2. Jeremiah – Sweet! How did you swing the free DS? That’s great to hear, since I need someone to test out some of the multiplayer games with.

    As to what games I recommend, I’m glad you asked, as that’s the subject of a post I’m almost finished with. Check back in the next day or two and hopefully it will give you an idea or two about what games to check out.

  3. I don’t know what else you’ve played, but here are a list of other lesser-acclaimed DS games that I feel everyone should at least try out. Keep them in mind if you write that article.

    Feel the Magic XY/XX, The Rub Rabbits, Nanostray, Point Blank DS (if you like the arcade game, this is fun and challenging), Jump Superstars (import only), and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (also import only for now, but an English version with new songs in coming to USA).

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