I am afflicted

Before I caught the blogging “bug,” I was an active Epinions user. For those who don’t know what Epinions is, it’s basically a community-driven product review site. Users write reviews on products and services and other members rate the “helpfulness” of those reviews. There is also a way to comment on reviews, discussing what has been written, what have you. It was Web 2.0, only it started during Web 1.0. Anyway, for a while, I was averaging 3-4 reviews a week on the site. For whatever reason, I liked the idea that people were reading (and rating highly) my reviews and that, in some small way, I was affecting people’s purchasing decisions. It was a lot of fun.

Recently, for some reason, I’ve been bitten with the reviewing bug again. I don’t know what it was, the urge to write a review about my new-ish monitor, or my new headphones or something has taken over.

I’m posting this because I even though I doubt this will effect buttonmashing.com but I plan on writing an occasional review or two, departing from the normal kind of content I’ve been putting down lately. I’m also pointing out to see if there are any Epinionators out there among the buttonMashing readers? I know the guys that run NetJak are former (current?) Epinion users and they’ve visited the site a few times, but I was wondering if any other readers out there that are (or were) Epinion users.


  1. Nope >_>

  2. If some of the reviews you write are even slightly gaming related (for example, headphones could be, since you could use them on the PC while playing), you could cross-post them here…

  3. kat – that’s probably what i’ll end up doing — looking for things to review that can be cross-posted here. I’ll probably start with a review of my monitor or my new headphones. Something like that.

  4. how can you “review” headphones? i mean really “well, they aint crackly, they dont hurt, and so far, they havent broken”

  5. Not an audiophile, Flamingsquirrel? 😛

  6. FS – there’s actually quite a bit you can say about headphones that people would appreciate in a review. More than just “they ain’t crackly” as you so succintly put it!

    Brin – I guess not 😉

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