Carnivals and Annivesaries

Listen up, Carnies! The Carnival of Gamers #17, at is almost upon us. Get your submissions in now so they’re included in this month’s Carnival. I’ve seen the submissions thus far, and they’re good, but we can always use more. Now that the host’s are starting to use more editorial control over what gets in and what doesn’t, it’s good to see the quality material coming through. I hope it continues.

On another note, today marks the 9th year that Mrs. buttonMasher has put up with me and my gaming ways. We’ve come along way from our 1-bedroom apartment where she fell asleep listening to the clickety-click of the mouse while I played Age of Empires with the headphones on. Now she puts up with multiple consoles, stacks of games, the clickety-click of blogging at all hours, and the bright light of the DS at night. At least I got her hooked on Brain Age!

Happy anniversary, shweetie!


  1. Hot damn! Here’s hoping my first submission makes the cut, and if not, I’ll just need to try harder.

    I’ve got so many drafts in my queue right now, I just need to finish them up.

    i submitted a post! cool. it probably won’t make it, but who craes, i got to make fun of batman and robin while telling you 😛

  3. oh yeah, how dumb of me!
    happy aniversity!

  4. ag – I know what you’re saying about drafts. I’m sitting on half a dozen myself. I’ll get around to them one of these days!

    Flaming – thanks for the well wishes.

  5. Your welcome

    I only have 3 drafts, and another in my head (you should feel sorry for it, it’s in MY head) but Im busy writing a 6 page paper, okay, never mind, Im busy PROCRASTINATEING a 6 page paper due by the end of September

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