Ricky Bobby and other man-crushes

(NB: This post is about a couple man-crushes of mine, Will Ferrell and Wentworth Miller. Proceed with caution.)

I had a chance to catch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby over the weekend. Wow, talk about bringing the funny! Let me start by saying I am a huge Will Ferrell fan. While his portrayals of Alex Trebek and George W. Bush are awesome, his Harry Caray skits always leave me in tears. So I may a bit biased when I say that Talladega Nights is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I have never laughed as hard as I did during the “Grace at dinner” scene. You’ve seen parts of it in the trailers and previews, but those short glimpses do no justice for the scene as a whole. Holy-crap-on-a-crutch did that scene make me laugh.

I am not what you would call a NASCAR “fan.” I’m a casual observer of the “sport”, but Mrs. Buttonmasher’s parents live down the street from a NASCAR driver and is friendly with his family, so by extension I have some connection to NASCAR, if only peripherally. But I get the NASCAR (redneck) culture and the movie skewers it pretty well. I’m sure there were some inside jokes that I missed, but most were hard miss. The product placements were a bit obvious, but I see that as just another jab at NASCAR’s rampant love with its sponsorships. On a whole, though, the movie was enjoyable, with more than one more side-splitting scene. But the prayer scene alone was worth the price of admission. If you like Will Ferrel and his shenanigans, TN:tBoRB is for you.

I can resume another man-crush of mine tonight, as Prison Break‘s second season premier is tonight. I loved the first season of PB and I’m hoping the show continues its awesomeness. I can’t help if the lead character exudes 138% more manliness than anyone else on TV (except maybe this guy). I was a little disappointed with the ending of the first season but I see no reason why the show can’t pick up the action that it did so well in the first season.

I get weak in the knees…

Finally, college football season is right around the corner. Don’t even get me started on my college football man-crush!


  1. “Holy cow!

    “What’s your favorite planet? Mine’s the Sun.”

  2. “Don’t jerk me around, Norm! It’s a simple question! A baby could answer it! If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?”

  3. I loved the first season of Prison Break too. I can’t wait for more episodes to come.


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