Son of a …

I knew it! Even though I professed my desire for a Black DS Lite, I couldn’t wait and went with the beautiful and pure White DSL. Four Color Rebellion is now saying the the Black and Pink (woohoo!) DS Lites are heading our way.

Son of a…

Anyone want to buy a white DS Lite?


  1. Bwahahaha! I actually found a smidgeon of normally rare consumer restraint and waited. Now the sweet ebony goodness of the DS Lite shall be mine!

  2. Ah, yes. I remember recall how I loved my Game Boy Advance with the black casing when my wife got me one the December before the January announcement of the Game Boy Advance SP. Thank heavens an Afterburner calmed me down and rekindled my love for my lowly outmoded handheld.

  3. I’m still happy with my Enamel Navy DS Lite. 😀 Though my DS Lite does have that widely-reported crack one the left side of the hinge…

  4. I still have a silver DS “heavy” lol, DS “heavy” i crack myself up, wait, thats the DS lite with the crack aint it? i’m so confused…

  5. GregT – curse you and your restraint!

    jvm – the old-school GBA didn’t get much love, did it? I never owned one but the GBA SP was a nice piece of hardware.

    Brin – Did you import? The navy DS does look sharp. And bummer on the crack! I keep checking mine and I keep getting lucky (knock on wood)!

  6. ^^^
    Oh, i see, totaly IGNORE me! Jeez! [/heavy_sarcasm]
    I got a GBA (“oldschool”) and i personaly liked it better than the SP. While it dosn’t have a backlight, it fits my hands better than the SP. I don’t really like the shape of the SP, I have the same problem with the DS when your not using the touch screen.

  7. Yep. In less than three weeks the black and pink DS Lites will be available.

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