Xbox Live Gamercard and Gamertag

Since migrating my Xbox Live account from my original Xbox to a 360 “Gold” Account was a cinch, I was able to keep my old Gamertag (which I’m quite fond of) and I’m up and running on Live without a hitch.

Here’s another link to my Profile: aint yer Pa

So as you can see, my gamertag is “I aint yer Pa”. If you’re on Live and your a reader, feel free to drop me a friend request. I still need to convince my current Xbox buddies to get on the 360 bandwagon and talk those who have a 360 to get connected as well!


  1. I’ll add ya to my list. This is a good time to get on board the 360. Gears of War is so close I can SMELL it…

  2. Sign me up 🙂 – GT: Gokyo

  3. NOOOOO!!!!
    i still can’t belivie that 360 has FREE xbox live (silver that is) i’m too broke! NOT ENOUGH CASH! i can’t pay for live on my current xbox

    and too think, you could playing Dead or Alive EXTREME 2 on your 360 and I’M spending my time making little flash animatoins of boo (little ghost from mario) singing Mudvayne songs… aww shiz.

    And i STILL don’t have enough cash for a Wii, i only have like $75 so if i want one around launch (which i will try to resist getting a 1st wave, but then they’ll all be gone) i will have to sell my DS and my Xbox and my GC (i don’t really care aout the GC since the Wii is backwards compatible) but with ALL THAT, i will still only have around $240, i no longer get allowence (‘cuase the factory my dad works at is being shut down) and i no longer get paid fo mowing the lawn (again, dada job go bye bye) so i have NO INCOME exept for selling shiz…this sucks

    PS. beat the crap out of a zombie with a basball bat for me >:)

  4. Now you just need to tell us what you are playing. Let your 360 blog!

    Here’s mine.

  5. Thanks for the friend requests, I think I’ve added everyone.

    ag – I remember reading about the 360 Voice thing, I had totally forgot, though. I’ll be checking it out. I like the Gamerscore over time graph. Cool stuff.


  1. Braaiins!…


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