Wii release details

You can’t walk around the gaming blogoverse without falling over the release news for the Nintendo Wii. A few details from the New York Times and few thoughts:

  • A release date of November 19
  • Retail price is going to be 250 dollars
  • Shipping with Wii Sports
  • 25-30 launch titles, including Zelda Twilight Princess
  • Games will still retail at 50$
  • Retro game downloads between 5-10 dollars (30 games initially available)

The 250 dollar price tag is very reasonable but it’s a first for Nintendo. Coming out just before the holiday season is going to making getting your hands on a Wii difficult, no matter how much inventory they ship. Launching with 25 games will be nice, but I hope there are more than 30 games available for download.

Having just bought an Xbox 360, I wonder how Mrs. Buttonmasher will take to yet another video machine going under the TV. She’ll just have to learn what it’s like living with a gamer (and confessed Nintendo fan-boy). And I’ll have to figure out a way to justify a $250 purchase on top of possibly getting a new TV around Christmas time.

And in closing, I’d like to quote a Forbes.com article, reporting on the Nintendo news conference in Japan, with a quote from Satoru Iwata that is wrong on numerous levels:

‘With these new features, I believe that anybody, regardless of age or gender, will be urged to touch our Wii at least once,’ Iwata said.



  1. I am stoked, but I think I’ll wait until after the holidays…that is unless one falls into my lap.

    I don’t need one right away so I can drool all over the forums about this and that. I waited for the 360 and I’ll probably wait for this.

    Very cool. Cool indeed.

  2. And I also hate you for being able to “oh yeah, sure, I have $250 lying around” unlike me, a loser sitting at home with only $75 drooling over Iwatas wii (zomg sooo wrong!)

  3. ag – I had thought about delaying my purchase, but I’ve got a reputation as a fanboy to maintain, so I will be getting on at launch. At least I hope I’ll get one at launch, who knows how hard it will be to actually find one in a store.

    FS – so much hate! I wish I had 250$ just hanging around, waiting for me to spend it!

  4. ah yes, but you do HAVE $250, it might not be a good idea to spend it, but you CAN it’s just a decisoin you have to make, I on the other hand, am being forced to spend $100, so by the time i have enough money, store will be completely sold out, it wont be untill, like, next summer untill stores have em again, then they probably wont have wii sports…

  5. Eh… I’m still going to wait on this. The only game I am interested in is Metroid Prime 3, and that’s not out till next year. By that time, perhaps we will have a larger colour selection, too!

    Oh wait… Sadness looks really good, too… Still, I’m waiting on this one.

  6. FlamingSqurriel says

    your not interested n a 8 hour Super Smash Bros brawl online tournament? where you can beat the crap out of solid snake with kirby??


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