Unintended headline

Nintendo fans say Wii will rule, despite facts

We will rule. In fact, we already rule! Screw the facts!

There are so many things wrong with this article that I won’t even waste your time with the details. This is what happens when you ask a non-gamer what the next generation will look like and his research involves his “son and his game playing teenaged friends.”

Nothing to see. Move along.


  1. I suddnly have an urge to port halo 2 and devil may cry 3 to the wii, and whatch the fanboys reactoin. and rip out that guys throat. Thats like ME saying that getting rid of the space shuttles and replaceing them with the Orion spacecraft is stupid, seeing as the space shuttle has been used for around 30 years, and this thing hasn’t been used, so OBVIOUSLY the space shuttle will do better. AND i even polled these pepole that stargaze for a hobby, they think it’s stupid too!

    I hate people that talk about somthing that they have NO clue about.

  2. Somehow, I read your post and the comment and I feel that the post’s ideas are validated. 😉

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