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Gamemaster: Will Wright

An excellent (and long) article about Will Wright at the New Yorker.

I’ve played a lot of games. A lot. But I think Sim City and Sim City 2000 consumed more of my gaming time than any other game I’ve played. I’ve avoided picking up any of the other Sim City games out of fear for my sanity. Spore looks like it could be another soul-destroyer. I’m finding it hard to resist.

I have nothing!

I’ve been sent this one a few times today, so for the few of you who haven’t read today’s Dilbert, it hits home for us cube rats:

Dilbert Xbox.gif

(Although, in my case, you should replace “Xbox” with “Nintendo DS”)

In my hands…

OuendanI know I just mentioned I picked up Contact, but my copy of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan showed up over the weekend and I’ve been able to get a chance to play a couple games and I’m already hooked. In fact, if I wasn’t watching Prison Break and Heroes right now, I’d be playing it right now. It’s consuming my thoughts. I hear rhythms in my brain and see targets converging. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Thing is, Contact is starting to get fun, too. So now I have to strike a balance with my DS time. Luckily it seems like Ouendan is definitely a pick-up-and-play kind of game, without much of a time commitment. I like that.

Detailed impressions of both games to come.

In my hands…

B000035XQ6-01-_AA280_SCLZZZZZZZ_V59349705_.jpgAfter reading some mostly positive reviews I was intrigued by Contact. Then I started hearing some serious buzz on a couple video game forums and decided I’d give it a try.

As always, impressions to follow…

Halo 3 News

This isn’t coming from Bungie, so no way of knowing how accurate it will end up being, but I know a lot of you are Halo 3 fans but might not have seen this.

A lot of new features it looks like, but nothing super suprising. I’m sad to see there’s no bots, but honestly who needs them? Everyone who owns a 360 will have this game, so finding other people to play with shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, playing with bots is probably more enjoyable than playing with 99% of the people on Live, so there’s that.

My only request – bring back Hang ‘Em High!