Taking EA to task

Good post over at Dubious Quality, wherein Bill takes EA to task about the future of their sports games. Thoughtful stuff. Thinking about this is disconcerting, if Bill’s vision of the future comes true.

In other words, NBA Live might be an absolute train wreck, so bad that EA wouldn’t send out advance copies for review, but fixing that is totally unimportant to EA. What’s important is to make sure we can buy the fourth alternate unis of the Pacers.



  1. Eventually it’ll be a critical mass where all the leagues and EA lose money.

    Then the good times will roll.

    However, it scares me that there are sports nuts out there that buy anything cause it’s new. I stopped paying $50-60 for roster updates back in 2000.

  2. The questions is: how long until critical mass? How long are EA’s licenses? Surely the different leagues and player’s associations have already cashed their EA checks and could care less if EA’s games sell or not.

  3. I’m sure EA cares if EA loses money or not. The question is when are they going to wake up and realize they need to change the way they do business before it hurts them.

    While I’m sure many would cackle in glee if EA were to get into trouble, it would be bad for the consumer market if EA was not out there pumping dollars into it. Unfortunately, EA is their own worst enemy right now.

  4. *cackles in glee*


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