Bully watching

So Jack Thompson wants to see someone play Rockstar’s new game, Bully. And it looks like he and his buddy-pal-judgey are going to get their way.

Thompson said that he and the judge plan to watch the game played in its entirety, no matter how long that takes.

Of course, anyone paying attention to the initial reactions to the game knows that there isn’t all the much violence in the game, at all. It’s rated “T”, afterall. So what’s Jack really after? Of course he doesn’t care if there’s violence or not. We haven’t had any substantive controversies lately, so he’ll just make one up. He wants needs to reinsert himself into the public eye and finds his perfect target, another game by Rockstar. He “bullies” his way into this public display, hoping for resistance and the chance to point fingers. And that’s exactly what he’s going to get.

How ironic. Here’s to hoping it blows up in his face. (Figuratively, of course)

Read “Bully for You” at Wired for more info on Bully.

Game Politics has some more information about Thompson’s hearing being denied.

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